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Loqate Showcases Global Address Verification and Geocoding at 2012 Microsoft Build Conference

Posted on Wednesday October 31, 2012 6:49 am by Christina Rivera

Loqate Brings Address Data Quality to Microsoft SQL Server and the Windows Azure Marketplace

San Bruno, CA – Loqate Inc., (www.loqate.com) the definitive source of everything location, brings its global address verification and geocoding technology to the 2012 Build Conference in Redmond, WA October 30 – November 2. Developers from across the world will be able to learn how applications can easily increase data quality for addresses in over 240 countries. Loqate will be demonstrating its new integration with the Windows Azure Marketplace, which enables developers and application providers to easily acquire, develop, and deliver address data quality and geocoding.

“Almost every application has a location component,” said Martin Turvey, President and CEO of Loqate. “Applications are now global and organizations need to tackle the complexity of address formats, quality, and languages. Through the Loqate Cloud, we now deliver the ability for any application and organization to now exploit the value in address data. Working with Windows Azure, we can help developers integrate their applications with Loqate components quickly, easily, and economically.”

“Organizations developing applications for Microsoft platforms are expanding the reach of those applications past the desktop,” said Scott Guthrie, Corporate Vice President, Windows Azure, Microsoft. “As those applications expand to mobile devices, tablets, and other devices, location data becomes increasingly important. By working with the Windows Azure Marketplace, Loqate will help developers and their organizations reap the benefits of accurate, high-quality location data on which these applications will depend.”

Loqate will demonstrate Verify, Register, Geocode, and the Global Knowledge Repository using Windows 8 and The Loqate Cloud. Information on how Loqate and Windows Azure Marketplace and SQL Server work together will also be available. To schedule a special briefing, contact sales@loqate.com.

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