Loqate, a GBG solution
Company identity data

Reliable company identity data

Capture accurate and official company details from the Australian business register.

Efficient workflow

Efficient workflow process

Seamlessly integrate company validation into business processes and workflow..

Flexible setup

Flexible set up and use

Set up within minutes - no coding required, suitable for sole traders, mid-sized private companies, or large enterprises..

How you can validate a company

Our company validation goes beyond checking the length of the ABN; it allows you to view and validate business details before onboarding customers.

Regular updates

Keep data updated

Refresh account details based on the Australian Business Registry.

Ensure compliance

Ensures compliance

Meet business and government regulatory requirements for ABN details validation.

Reduce workload and risk

Reduce workload and risk

Avoid duplicated or incomplete company information.

Easy setup

Easy setup

Our API is easy to install and works instantly on any device and platform.

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