Bureau Services

What are Bureau Services?

One-time batch verification and cleansing of your location data. GBG Loqate’s Bureau Services provide our clients with an easy, time-sensitive and cost-effective solution for one-time batch verification and cleansing of their location data. Bureau Services include address verification, postal certification, geocode and email validation. Simply and securely send us your raw data files and we will return them verified, cleansed and formatted to import back into your database. GBG Loqate does it all for you, quickly and effectively so you can jump-start your data management objectives.


  • GBG Loqate does it all for you
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Jump-start data management objectives
  • Expert implementation and processing
  • Cost-effective solution to batch verify and cleanse data


Address Verification

  • Unleashing GBG Loqate’s proprietary database, which contains over240 countries and territories, our batch verification solution will cleanse and validate both partial and full address inputs. Our expert team will format the data per your custom requirements and make it easy for you to import back into your database.

Our solution will:

  • Support data in any UTF-8 format
  • Correct common misspellings
  • Add any missing address values
  • Standardize and format addresses under guidelines specified by postal    authorities
  • Transliterate words or letters from different global character sets into either native or Roman characters. Our solution provides transliteration capabilities     across 8 scripts

Postal Certification

  • GBG Loqate will perform certified data processing for postal authority-approved address verification in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

Our solution will:

  • Measure the accuracy of address data directly against the postal authority’s postal data
  • Enhance addresses with unique data fields provided by the postal authority
  • Qualify you for postal discounts on mailing services and list


  • GBG Loqate will identify geocodes associated with your addresses, matching specific latitude and longitude coordinates, and/or locations nearest to a latitude and longitude point, augmenting your address database and formatting files to meet your custom needs.

Our solution will:

  • Add geocodes to premise-level in 120 countries worldwide, including point-level (rooftop) geocoding in 60 countries
  • Add geocodes to city centroid positions for over 240 countries
  • Add latitude and longitude coordinate to worldwide postal addresses
  • Enable locations to be displayed on a map or passed to GIS applications
  • Provide input for location-based services (LBS) applications

Email Verification

  • GBG Loqate will batch verify and cleanse your email database, identifying invalid email addresses by validating the domain and username via mail servers using SMTP.

Our solution will:

  • Ensure accurate data collection
  • Identify harmful email addresses
  • Identify typos and spam traps
  • Protect sender reputation

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