Loqate, a GBG solution


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Country/Region Dataset ID Dataset Description
Australia 200951 Global Address (AUS)
Austria 201372 Austria Verify S43
Belgium 201379 Belgium Verify S52
Brazil 200982 Brazil Verify S40
Canada 200333 Canada Post Data
Denmark 201251 Denmark Verify S45
Finland 201383 Finland Verify S53
France 200395 France Verify S23
Germany 201370 Germany Verify S43
Germany 201201 Parcel Locker Data - Germany
Global 201377 Global Address Verify S48
Global 201378 Global Address Verify S47
HERE Global 201391 Global Address Verification S28
Hong Kong 201492 Hong Kong Verify S56
India 201375 India Verify S31
Indonesia 201395 Indonesia Verify S29
Italy 201390 Italy Verify S54
Japan 200531 Japan Verify S29
Korea 200535 Republic of Korea Verify S30
Mexico 200983 Mexico Verify S41
Netherlands 201371 Netherlands Verify S43
Netherlands 200564 Netherlands Verify S34
New Zealand 200949 Global Address (NZ)
Norway 201382 Norway Verify S21
Singapore 200598 Singapore Verify S37
Spain 201445 Spain Verify S55
Sweden 201384 Sweden Verify S35
Switzerland 201385 Switzerland Verify S38
USA 201376 United States of America Verify S49