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Avoid typos

By allowing customers to enter address details quickly, simply and intuitively you will not only reduce cart abandonment rates but also make sure that correct delivery addresses are provided.

Higher rates of first-time delivery

By making sure you capture only correct and complete delivery addresses, your parcels will be delivered on the first attempt. This will help to keep your drivers safe by minimising the time they are out on the road.

Reduced costs

Successful deliveries mean no redelivery costs and no customer service needed. It also means happy customers which is great for your brand reputation and future sales. 

Did you know that every time you get an address wrong, two things happen?

1. Couriers charge you per package for address correction.
2. The delivery delay negatively affects your brand reputation.

This charge is often seen as a cost of doing business. Today, it's an unwelcome expense that should absolutely be on your radar. Every operational cost reduction counts, and using an address verification service can be an easy win for your organization. 

First-time delivery is more important now than ever

Successful deliveries of online orders will not only help your business weather the storm in this challenging time, but it can also help with social distancing. By making sure that your parcels are delivered the first time, no-one needs to go to a parcel shop or depot to pick it up. This means deliveries are more time-efficient, social distancing guidelines are observed and drivers and customers stay safe. 

Incorrect or incomplete addresses

With most people working from home at the moment, the main reason for a failed delivery attempt is an incorrect or incomplete delivery address. Inaccurate addresses lead to avoidable contact between customers and couriers and packages being dropped off at the wrong locations. You can avoid missed deliveries through incorrect data and the additional costs by simply adding address validation to your online forms. 

Trusted by over 20,000 customers worldwide

Across our customers, we've seen savings up to 7-digits, and many have recognized a 50% reduction in the orders that have landed on their bad address hold list.  

Improve your first-time success in last-mile delivery with address validation

Loqate’s international address lookup tool can help you avoid unnecessary delivery delays or undelivered orders. By validating the user's address it makes sure the delivery address is correct. This provides you with better quality data and improves first-time delivery rates. Accurate address data provided by the customer at the point of entry will also reduce the need to clean the data once it’s in your database. 

See address verification in action

Offer a more convenient mobile experience

With everyone staying at home to avoid the spread of Covid-19, people are inevitably spending more time on their mobile devices. By offering your customers a more convenient mobile experience you can take away frustration in an already stressful and uncertain time.

Eliminate the need for your customers to type an address on their mobile and give them the quickest, most convenient way to find their location while you get accurate delivery addresses.

Learn more about Geolocation

Not sure about investment in these uncertain times?

Research has shown that the average cost of a failed delivery is £14.83 | €14.87. Besides redelivery costs, there is also an adverse effect on brand reputation and future loss of sales. Calculate the savings to your business when using address capture with our ROI calculator below. 

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ROI Calculator

Calculate the savings to your business when using address capture: 


Some considerations

Some couriers charge a 'value-added service fee' in order to correct the failed delivery due to bad data, there's also the cost to replace products if they go missing and damage to brand reputation. Plus even before the delivery stage, UX research shows that 61% of consumers would abandon a purchase if they encounter issues at the address entry stage online. 

These savings are indicative, and calculations are based on the average 'cost per failed order' research findings from the Fixing Failed Deliveries report as well as published Loqate prices. Accurate at time of publishing.

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