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What is geolocation?

Approximately 4.78 billion people will own a smartphone by 2020, meaning businesses should be focusing their efforts on making mobile checkouts and forms as convenient as possible. Loqate’s geolocation feature, using single-tap technology, eliminates the need to enter an address and provides a solution that is easy for businesses to integrate.

Improved UX

It’s slick – next-generation tech, enhancing UX by eliminating the need to type an address, removing form friction

Quality data

It’s accurate – Advanced find and retrieve, so you’re only collecting quality data

Simple integration

It’s rapidQuick and simple to integrate via a single API

What are the main features of geolocation?

With a single tap, your customer can find their current location using their mobile device GPS signal. Latitude and longitude results are returned, including the full and correctly formatted address, enhanced with Address Base Premium data.

Smart technology

Real-time return of addresses based on geocodes derived from a smart device or GPS.

Flexible application

Radius of 50 metres; 10 address options returned as default - easily modified parametres available.

Accurate data

Uses AddressBase Premium data, the most accurate geographic dataset in the UK.

What is GPS?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a navigation system made up of approximately 30 satellites, which orbit Earth 20,000km above sea-level. Data is transmitted to Earth constantly, and this data is picked up by devices such as smartphones. GPS works through trilateration, measuring your position’s distance from satellites, and provides access to free global location information, not affected by time or weather conditions.

GPS is widely used by drivers and pedestrians finding their way to a location. Once your location services have identified your customer’s position, Loqate is then able to convert this to the nearest latitude/longitude and return a list of accurate addresses.

What is AddressBase Premium?

With an additional 3 million addresses to Royal Mail’s PAF, Address Base Premium data from Loqate cross references third party datasets, including local authority current addresses. Unlike other data sets, it contains multiple versions of the same address for a greater chance of matching. Address Base Premium also allows you to locate a single property – accurate to within 10cm. 

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This feature can be activated with our address verification solution. Read our quick guide to find out how easy it is to turn this feature on in your account. For pricing please click here.

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