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Data cleanse: Remove any data grey area

The Pandemic and events of last year led to a surge in eCommerce, with a staggering 65% of consumers choosing to do their Black Friday shopping online to avoid the crowds.

Ensure your prized promotions reach the intended recipients and campaign response rates are maximised with a free data health-check.

We'll compare your existing data against our own data sources to reveal how accurate, complete and compliant your data is. We’ll then provide a visual report detailing our findings.

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Email Validation

Loqate's email validation tool will help you to increase email delivery rates, improve your sender reputation and advance customer communications. Verifying an email address at checkout will also enable you to implement a valuable cart abandonment email strategy to help make this Black Friday a record-breaker.

Phone Verification

Capturing the right phone number, mobile or landline at the point of entry will enable you to contact more customers, providing valuable order updates, improving customer satisfaction and therefore, increasing retention rates and future repeat orders.


Next-generation Geolocation technology allows your mobile customers to find their location in a single tap. Geolocation identifies locations nearest to the customer's latitude and longitude coordinates, increasing reliability of the location data and further enhancing the user experience.

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