Loqate, a GBG solution

Data Compliance and Preference Centre Management

Data privacy compliance has become a focal point for organisations across the globe and leading marketers understand that respecting privacy and putting their customers in full control of what information they would like to receive is the secret to effective communication. At Loqate we will help you to embrace GDPR and other data privacy legislation and enable you to communicate with your customers with the right message via the right channel and at the right time. This will increase your ROI and generate a closer customer relationship.

Customer Insight

Use customer data to create insight and deepen your understanding of your customers’ buying habits and lifestyle preferences to help you make key business decisions and to deliver personal experiences at every available touchpoint. Increase customer loyalty while reducing campaign costs by targeting customers with relevant offers and messages when they are most likely to respond and decrease attrition by accurately predicting customers most likely to leave.

Multi-Channel Automated Customer Journeys

Create personalised multi-channel journeys that engage customers across email, social, the web and mobile. Boost customer engagement and conversion with personalised experiences and offers that connect with your customers when and where they expect it. Enable your team to work smarter and faster by automating regular campaigns and increase customer loyalty and revenue through triggered campaigns.

Digital Communications

Define a digital strategy, combining a deep understanding of your business context and user requirements with customer insight and industry experience to implement a solution unique to your brand which delivers real value to users and measurable ROI to the business. Easy to use tools which can be integrated with existing systems within your infrastructure enabling enhanced customer journeys.

Real-Time Engagement

Ensure you are able to track, visualise, and interact at the moment of your customers’ engagement in a non-intrusive way that delivers value for the recipient. This might be a message created in milliseconds to personalise your website or interaction which triggers a series of communications to your customers over time, ensuring your next best action is timely, relevant and appropriate.

Single Customer View

Bring all of the data you hold about each of your customers from disparate online and offline data sources, then match and merge it to form a single accurate record for each customer. An SCV gives you greater insight into your customers’ behaviours and interactions meaning you can tailor your communications and enables you to make accurate business decisions based on reliable data.

Our customers tell us they see Loqate as an extension of their team because we work collaboratively to get the best outcomes for your business. Our team of Customer Engagement experts work with you to understand your specific requirements and implement a solution that works for you. We work with businesses of all sizes and sectors from startups to global enterprises, with varying support packages available.

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