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The Marc Fisher Footwear retail company encompasses Marc Fisher Ltd, Easy Spirit and Nine West, among many more, and the business is focused on creating not only beautiful shoe collections, but also a customer experience to match.

In 2017, after transferring to Magento 2, Marc Fisher Footwear made the decision to implement Loqate's address verification technology in their checkout in order to ensure quality data. 

Lee Bissonnette, Vice President, eCommerce at Marc Fisher Footwear explains,

"The reason for using Loqate's address verification tool stemmed from incompatible shipping addresses within our warehouse. The problem was that non-standard addresses were being passed through, which, in turn, meant a huge percentage of orders needed manual adjustment by the customer support team. This was a critical bottleneck and was extremely costly.

Since using Loqate's address verification tool, address errors are down 70% and our back office system has become much more efficient. 

The main aim for us was to reduce the amount of time the support team was spending doing this, and, in fact, since using Loqate's address verification tool, address errors are down 70% and our back-office system has become much more efficient."

– Lee Bissonnette, Vice President, eCommerce, Marc Fisher Footwear

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Address Verification

Address Verification

Remove friction and improve conversion rates by providing a faster way to enter delivery addresses as well as assisting successful parcel delivery.

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