Loqate, a GBG solution

Features & Benefits

Did you know that there are nearly 30,000 addresses changes each week to the Royal Mail PAF file, leading to 1.5 million changes per annum, add to this roughly 85,000 people change their name each year. It’s no wonder that businesses struggle to keep records up to date. Loqate’s address and name formatting and correction file can help you keep in touch with customers who’s circumstances may have changed.

Communication Effectiveness

Addresses that are incorrectly formatted can lead to undeliverable mail, impacting your customer management strategy. Deduplication will ensure that there is only one true record and multiple communications aren’t sent.

Brand Reputation

If your customers aren't receiving your communications, or they're receiving the wrong communications from you, you risk damage to your customer satisfaction and your brand reputation.

Compliance Assistance

Sending multiple communications to the same household, communicating with the wrong person, and not being able to accurately analyse your data increases your risk of a GDPR breach.

Why address and name formatting and correction can help improve data quality management

Missing Addresses

Increase the coverage of your existing address database using Loqate’s unique missing address service. Using Opt-in Electoral Roll and third-party sources, Loqate can increase the breadth of your data by providing addresses not already in your database.

Organisation Detection

Identify businesses in your database using keyword searches. Business information can easily creep into your database. Paying to clean or worse still mail a business address is wasteful if you only target consumers.

Recorded Residency Check

Validate the name and address information you have against all available datasets to indicate residency and increase confidence in the quality of your data.

Address Validation

The easiest way for a person to enter any global location through single-line address capture form on any device or platform. Faster, accurate completion of international addresses with type-ahead, predictive technology.

How Data Cleanse and Maintenance can help you

How does your data measure up?

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