Loqate, a GBG solution

Contact Validation & Appending

Get consistent and accurate address, email and phone data you can rely on and re-engage with active or lapsed customers.

De-duplication & Address Formatting

Identify duplicate records and incorrectly formatted addresses in your customer database.

Address Forwarding & Goneaways

Reliably suppress customers and find forward addresses when your contacts move house.

Deceased & Preference Screening

Remove deceased individuals and anyone who’s registered with preference services from your database and avoid brand damage and identity fraud.

Property Intelligence

Location Intelligence gives your business a complete picture of the property and surrounding location.

Your four steps to a clean database

1. Get in touch with us and receive your login for a secure upload of your data files 

2. Upload your file as .xls, .csv or .txt file to our secure environment  

3. Get your data audit from our specialists and decide if you want to clean your data or not

4. Download your cleaned data from the secure environment

Request your data audit - it's free!

Take a free data health check and see how accurate your data is. 

We'll compare your customer and prospect records against our own data sources to reveal how accurate, complete and compliant your data is. You can decide after if you want to cleanse the data or not. 

We'll provide you with a visualised data quality audit, and a unique Data Quality Index Score, giving you insight into how you measure up against other companies who hold similar data.

Why is Data Maintenance important?

Engaging with your customers and gaining their trust is the key to a long and profitable relationship. Targeted, relevant multi-channel communications based on individual’s identities, their likes, dislikes and preferred contact method help gain customers' trust. We can help you create world-class interactions that foster long and profitable relationships with your customers. Use our fully managed service or choose individual solutions to complement and support your in-house activity.

Contact data is prone to decay, with studies typically indicating consumer data degradation is around 15-20% and business data by 30-40% on average every year. If your database is a few years old, the majority of your data is likely to be outdated, and your direct marketing budget will be wasted. 

Work with us and we’ll tailor-make an individual data cleansing solution that’s robust, reliable, and most importantly, compliant.

Loqate's technology ensures addresses are accurate before goods are dispatched through our warehouse and distribution facility.


We are able to contact our members at an appropriate time to better manage the transfer of their services.

Utility Warehouse

Loqate helps us to maintain a high level of data quality.


Loqate's solution offered unrivalled performance metrics.

Capita Customer Management

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