Loqate, a GBG solution

How our new Utilities Register can help you

Our new Utilities Register service has a direct feed to the RECCo’s Gas and Electricity Enquiry Services. It is still available via our web services, but it now offers so much more.

As well as having access to both the Gas Enquiry Service (GES) and the Electricity Enquiry Service (EES) via one API, providing you with dual fuel searching via a single service, you’ll be able to manage your Ordnance Survey licence through us to ensure compliance when processing the Retail Energy Location (REL) data.

You will benefit from more accurate and reliable data, which is updated daily, along with additional output fields enabling you to provide a better consumer experience.

And the best bit? As this service aligns with the UK Government’s Faster Switching Programme, it adheres to the new regulated industry code and ensures full compliance.

Ready to make the switch?

Fill out the form below, and your Account Manager will be in touch to get you switched over to the new service.

Why is this changing?

The change has been driven by the UK Government’s investment into the new Faster More Reliable Switching Programme and the establishment of the new industry regulated code, the Retail Energy Code (REC).

Why should I take it through Loqate?

As the GES and EES APIs have different interfaces, we remove the need for you to develop separate integrations by providing a single, easy to use interface.

Our new service offers additional fields, and we verify and cleanse unstructured and poorly formatted address-search queries, offering your customers a better switching experience.

Can I still use the old process?

You may continue to use the old service until your next renewal date, however from July 18 the data supplied as part of the old service will no longer be updated and thus will degrade each day. Moving to our new service sooner rather than later ensures you are accessing the most accurate and reliable data that is updated daily.

How do I access the new service?

Our new service is still accessible via our web services. Your first step should be to contact your Account Manager or fill in the form above.

Can I trial the new service before switching?

Yes, you can trial the new service to see the benefits for yourself. Simply contact your Account Manager or fill in the form above.