Loqate, a GBG solution

The best possible data quality

Accurate customer data is key for success in today's customer obsessed world. Our technology helps you capture, cleanse and maintain accurate address data for over 245 countries. 

Superior technology

Loqate provides a faster and more accurate way to capture addresses. Thanks to our innovative Fuzzy technology you can find accurate addresses even when users misspell words or enter typos. 

Award-winning customer support

At Loqate, our friendly award-winning customer service team are on hand to help you migrate your addressing tool, every step of the way.

Nick Mercer

UK Sales Manager | Collaborating with businesses globally to improve data quality and save businesses money

Technology has advanced hugely over the past decade and continues to advance. We now rely on technology more than ever and its impact on the location service sector is what interests me most. With extensive B2B Account Managing, I have helped many businesses with Data Validation solutions in order to deliver growth in keeping with their strategy.

My experience focuses on managing technology that has positive outcomes for Software Owners and clients that agree state-of-the-art systems are integral to driving business efficiencies. I champion data quality and ecommerce transformation in the Location industry.

In addition to the above, I have 10 years experience in the technology industry and have developed exceptional global awareness. 

My key specialism is data management and I openly welcome requests to connect and explore areas relating to this.

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