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During checkout, customers get irritated by the keystrokes required to enter their address, especially on mobile. 

Below stats are taken from research report Fixing Failed Deliveries


Cart and form abandonment

26% abandon the checkout due to too many fields. The average checkout has over 14 form fields, and more fields increase the probability of the abandon rate. Address capture takes up the majority of these fields.


Reduced key strokes

Address verification technology can reduce address entry time by up to 78% and cuts back data entry errors at the point of capture by more than 20%, all improving the end-user experience.


Checkout abandonment

42% of shoppers would abandon the checkout if they experienced an issue entering their details. More than one third would go to a competitor’s site to complete the transaction.


Address technology

Over half of consumers would feel more confident ordering an item through a company that uses technology to suggest the correct address, which shows the importance of ensuring the best possible UX.

How to improve the end user experience

Quick and easy experiences lead to happier customers which increases your form or checkout conversions. 

Boost customer loyalty

Only collect quality data to help you delight your customers and boost customer loyalty. Quality data not only leads to effective communication with customers but also improved decision making, positive brand reputation, an increase in efficiency and an increased success rate in product and service delivery.

Better user experience

Reduce the amount of typing required, allowing your customers to move quickly through the checkout. By providing a quicker way to enter address details you improve website usability and reduce form or cart abandonment.

Improve your delivery success rate

Customers frequently make errors when submitting address details online such as typos or incorrect formats. If businesses fail to capture accurate address data in the checkout, the chance of an item reaching the correct recipient is greatly reduced. And this leads to a very frustrating customer experience.

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