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Why address validation is crucial for Shopify merchants

The validation of postal addresses has become a critical component of any e-commerce business. Incorrect addresses can result from spelling mistakes, incorrect house numbers, hastily filled out forms and varying international formats etc. Having a reliable way to validate customers addresses is essential to reduce the number of orders that can’t be shipped due to invalid addresses.  

Save money

Save money

Address Validation iO will reduce the number of incorrect shipping addresses by 80%, which leads to fewer delivery returns and the associated return costs. Find out how with our ROI-Calculation.

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Optimize the customer journey

Optimize the customer journey

The customer journey isn’t over until the customer receives the package. Address Validation iO can help to minimize shipping problems by immediately validating customers’ information.

Easy set up

Easy set up

Just add Address Validation iO to your store and get started - it’s that easy. The setup requires no coding skills. Find out more in the setup guide.

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Go greener, cut down on CO2 emissions and save costs on fuel by preventing unnecessary returns with Address Validation iO.

1. Add app and subscribe to a plan

2. Set up your location details

3. Customize the markup

Address Validation iO key features

Address validation

Address Validation iO will notify customers in case of a wrong address after the checkout process with a banner and email notification. Our app also supports express checkout options including ApplePay, Google Pay etc. and PayPal Express.

Customizable UI/ UX

Address Validation iO’s app frontend is fully customizable to match your store's design. Edit banners, pop-ups, email notifications and more to fit your style and/or your custom Shopify theme.

Multilingual frontend

Address Validation iO supports all Shopify language options and allows you to customize the texts in the frontend, including transliteration abilities in the Shopify app.