Loqate, a GBG solution

Why choose Loqate for Kooomo?

Loqate’s real-time address verification extension improves user experience by speeding up the Kooomo checkout process. By reducing the number of keystrokes required, shoppers are able to flow through checkout forms, while the address data they enter is correctly formatted and verified, so you can be sure you only capture accurate delivery data.

Improve UX

Increase conversions and reduce cart abandonment rates by providing a smoother checkout experience. Address auto-complete from Loqate reduces form friction, allowing customers to flow quickly and easily through your Kooomo checkout, even recognising common typos.

Improve delivery success

Without accurate address data, delivery issues and resulting costs can occur. Loqate’s address verification tool means you will capture only accurate address data at the point of entry in your Kooomo checkout, improving delivery success and strengthening customer relationships.

Integrate quickly and easily

Address verification from Loqate is quick and easy to implement, and can be integrated with or without the help of a developer. Our services also work seamlessly alongside your other checkout tools.  

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