Data quality

Selecting an address verification tool that will ensure you capture only clean and accurate data is a must.

Both Crafty Clicks and Loqate use Royal Mail PAF data, but Loqate also offers premium data sets from Royal Mail, including Not Yet Built and Multiple-Residence, making sure you have the most up to date UK address data. Loqate allows users to search and verify addresses from over 245 countries, making it a great international solution. 



When it comes to selecting a new address verification provider, one of the main factors to consider is how much it will improve your user experience.

Customers are increasingly looking for convenience, so it is important that you can live up to their expectations. The following features are all vital to creating that all important improved UX.

Location biasing

A handy feature that comes as part of Loqate’s type-ahead address verification tool is location biasing.

This means that you have the option to order the addresses that are returned based on where your user is located, enabling users to find their address more quickly. Thanks to its global capabilities, this means you can create a single checkout form.

Crafty Clicks doesn’t offer location biasing, meaning their user experience isn’t quite as slick and effective for the user.

Type-ahead steps

Another thing to consider is how long it takes the user to enter an address. If there are too many steps, it will leave your customer feeling frustrated and this could lead to form abandonment. Loqate’s type-ahead address verification tool has just two steps:

1. User starts typing to find an address

2. User hits return to auto-populate the address

With Crafty Clicks’ solution, the tool doesn’t auto-detect countries, so users need to select this manually, slowing down the address entry process:

1. User selects country

2. User begins typing to find an address 

3. User hits return to auto-populate the address 

Global fuzzy matching capabilities

At Loqate, we understand that users make mistakes - especially on smaller screens and keypads. However, this can cause problems for businesses who are not able to combat this issue. A key feature of our front-end address verification tool is its fuzzy matching capabilities. These include the ability to find an address, even if the user enters:

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Switched letters
  • Missing words and letters
  • Abbreviations or nicknames
  • Missing or extra spaces

While Crafty Clicks’ address verification tool works to combat issues that occur as a result of spelling mistakes, it isn’t able to find addresses if they include switched letters, missing words and letters or missing or extra spaces. This could leave many customers feeling very frustrated when they are not able to find their address.

Address cleanse

Data degrades each year – consumer data by 13% and business data by 37%. This means that firms need to stay on top of their data in order to work efficiently.

Loqate process millions of addresses per hour to indicate their validity and standardise each one. Our proprietary master database, Global Knowledge Repository (GKR), combines knowledge base data and parsing rules with reference datasets for 245+ countries and territories.

Also, our service checks customer records for registrants of the Mail Preference Service, deceased contacts and even update movers to a forwarding address, which Crafty Clicks’ service does not offer.  

Breadth of services available

While Crafty Clicks offers address auto-complete and postcode lookup, Loqate offers a range of data verification services that are created to optimise user experience and data quality.

These tools include email validation, phone verification and professional services, and we host a wide variety of data sets.

Platform security, capability and capacity

At Loqate, our customers trust us to deliver a global, resilient and secure service.

Secure data 

We are ISO27001:2013 accredited so you can be confident that your data is secure with us. 

Intrusion detection

Full intrusion detection system runs across our infrastructure, so we can detect any potential threats as they occur. This is based on industry standard tech, and we also use host-based IDS to complement this.

Multi-tier firewalls

Multiple tiers of hardware firewalls are run at our sites, to give coverage inside the network, as opposed to just at the perimeter.

Emerging threat testing

We operate a full vulnerability scanning program, testing all our assets both internally and externally on a monthly basis, to give full coverage on emerging threat testing.

Monthly penetration tests

At Loqate, we run monthly penetration tests internally, and annually with an external company, to give assurance that our systems are secure, and any potential threats are discovered and combated.

Patching program

We have a patching program in place that follows industry standards and is applied to all technology in the Loqate business.

Platform is always available

Loqate has limiting and traffic filtering in place to ensure that platform availability is not affected by any misconfigurations or unscheduled load tests.

Load balanced data centres

On the Loqate platform, all data centres are load balanced, and failover between these is automated and tested regularly to ensure that issues can be dealt with swiftly.

24/7 response team

We operate a 24/7 security and infrastructure response team to ensure that any issues can be dealt with immediately, at any time.

Active/active data centres

Multiple “active/active” data centres, each able to take the Loqate platform load. We generally run these at around 10% capacity to give plenty of room for spikes and maintenance.

Automated capacity testing 

We run constant automated capacity to make sure that our capacity is always in line with the traffic we are receiving.  

Trusted by over 13,000 customers worldwide

Over 13,000 companies world-wide trust Loqate to provide world-class data quality, great UX and improve conversions.  

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