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Address capture

A faster, easier way to capture and verify addresses in your online forms and checkouts! Like other address verification services, our tool checks for address accuracy but what really makes our software unique is the range of product features we offer, backed by global coverage and our team of experts. 

Benefit from our expertise with real-time address search, global coverage and our single tap address search.

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Address verification

Loqate’s address verification software will parse, standardise, verify, cleanse and format address data for over 245 countries and territories, all via a single, easy to integrate API.

The most effective way to update and enhance address data, enabling you to achieve the highest levels of quality and accuracy. Verify millions of records per hour, benefit from our transliteration solution and reduce costly shipping errors instantly. 

Talk to our experts and find out how our solution can help you get the address right - even if your customers don´t.

Data cleanse and maintenance 

Data quality is the foundation of any customer management strategy. Analytics, campaign management, customer experience, and reporting are all underpinned by data quality and can have a significant impact on your business efficiency and reputation.

We can help you build lasting customer relationships with our data cleansing and maintenance software.

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Email verification

A long and happy relationship with your customer begins with being able to contact them.

Increase email delivery rates, improve your sender reputation and advance customer communications when you verify email addresses upfront. We also offer batch cleansing too, enabling you to clean data already in your ecosystem.

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700 free look-ups

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Free look-ups

How does our address verification tool work? 

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