Loqate, a GBG solution

About Loqate

Loqate is the world’s most trusted location intelligence specialist. Its purpose? To help every business in the world reach every customer in the world.

With an easy-to-integrate product portfolio – from address verification to data maintenance – Loqate gives organisations across the globe the precision and reliability they need to give their customers the best possible experiences.

Over 19,000 businesses rely on Loqate every day, including Hotel Chocolat, IBM, Ralph Lauren, Bank of America, giffgaff and GymShark.

Its global API is available in 130 different address formats, 3,000+ languages, and 245 countries and territories. And its address data is sourced only from best-in-class and official providers, including Royal Mail, United States Postal Service, Canada Post and Australia Post.

Loqate's solutions 

Combining leading technology with the richest data, Loqate provides several solutions to help bring businesses across the globe closer to their customers. 

Address verification

A faster, easier way to capture and verify addresses in real-time for your online forms and checkouts.

Location datasets

Access multiple datasets including Multi-Residence, Not Yet Built, Geolocation, Eircodes, Property Intelligence, W3W, Address Base and Business Data.

Bank verification

Ensure bank account details are entered correctly to avoid payment errors and bank charges.


Enhance your location databases by adding latitude and longitude coordinates, all via a single, easy-to-integrate API.

Email verification

Increase email delivery rates, boost customer marketing and reduce bogus registration when you verify email addresses upfront.

Mobile & phone validation

Take the guesswork out of reaching customers. Capture the right phone number, mobile or landline at the point of entry.

Find my nearest

Help customers find their nearest store or offer more ways to shop for those who prefer to browse online or click and collect.

Data maintenance

The foundation of any customer management strategy, Loqate’s cleansing and maintenance software helps build lasting customer relationships.

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