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Impact of failed deliveries

Customers providing inaccurate address data inevitably leads to failed deliveries of their orders. Yet customers do not realise that providing incorrect details is a part of the problem. This often means that consumers channel their frustration with missing orders towards the retailer, causing lost sales further down the line. 


According to research by MetaPack 5% of all online orders fail to make it to their intended location. And as far as consumers are concerned the buck stops with the retailer when something goes wrong.


Customer data degrades on average by 13% and business data by 37% each year. That means returned mail, email bounces, lost revenue, operational costs, and customer complaints.


The average cost of a failed delivery is £14.83 (€14.87 | $16.58). Besides redelivery costs and customer service team interaction there is also an adverse effect on brand reputation and future loss of sales.


19% of failed deliveries are due to inaccurate delivery address details. However, only 9% of customers see providing incorrect address details as a cause of failed deliveries.

Benefits of reducing failed deliveries

Reduce the chances of failed delivery by simply adding address capture to your existing platform and enjoy these benefits: 

Higher rates of first-time delivery

By capturing accurate address information at the point of entry, you will improve data quality and make sure that your orders are delivered on time. 

Reduced costs

Increase business efficiency by speeding up data entry, avoiding typos and the cost of missed deliveries. Remember, the real cost occurs when the delivery fails, causing redelivery costs, customer service team interaction and an adverse effect on brand reputation and future loss of sales. 

Great user experience

Allow customers to enter address details simply and intuitively to improve usability across web and mobile and increase your conversion rates. This will improve website usabillity and reduce cart or form abandonment rates by providing a quicker way to enter address details.

How can you increase deliverability?

Research found that 1 in 20 online orders are not delivered on the first attempt which can lead to high costs. Failed deliveries cost retailers in a variety of ways. In fact, when we spoke to over 300 retailers in the U.S., U.K. and Germany, 65% of them said that failed or late deliveries are a significant cost to their business. 

Making more deliveries on time, first time with address capture

Loqate’s address capture can improve on-time delivery rates through better data quality as it makes sure the delivery address is correct. Accurate address data at the point of entry will also reduce the need to clean the data once it’s in your database, speed up data entry and avoid typos. 

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Improve email deliverability for great customer communications

Many eCommerce businesses share order status updates, important account information, new product offers and other engaging brand messages by email, making the importance of email delivery a cornerstone for a satisfactory customer journey. With the knowledge that 10% or email addresses are entered incorrectly at the checkout, you can see why verifying an email address at point of entry is crucial for building a strong customer relationship. Our email validation makes sure that your emails will be successfully delivered to your customer's inbox.

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Improve retention and repeat orders

If you aren't checking the phone numbers you are capturing are correct, then how can you expect to create that seamless customer experience? From delivery updates on when to expect their order to product information - your customers are relying on you to make sure you have their details correct. Informed and engaged customers are loyal customers. Our phone number validation product improves retention and repeat order rates by keeping customers informed throughout their journey.

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