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Loqate Internationalisation Retail Index 

Cross-border commerce is projected to grow at twice the pace of domestic eCommerce - growing 25% annually, over the next few years. If you are a retailer who's seen success locally, it's most likely because you know your domestic market inside out, the challenge comes when you look to expand internationally.

In this webinar we'll review the findings from the Loqate Internationalisation Retail Index - the definitive guide to international retail. We are joined by retail experts World Retail Congress, Retail Week and Planet Retail RNG, to discuss the technology, online capabilities and strategies needed to broaden global appeal, as well as take a look at the future of retail and what consumers are demanding from their favourite brands.

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In this session you'll discover how to broaden your international appeal


The who's who of the top 30:
Reviewing the top 30 of the Loqate Internationalisation Retail Index, from retail royalty to the brands to watch.

What does this truly mean in today's digital world, and why understanding the local market is key to your success. 


Lessons from the best: 
What the top 30 are doing, learn the quick win tactics and online capabilities to put in place as well as the long term strategies to consider. 


The future of retail: 
What consumers want next from their favourite brands, and how to make sure you are the leader in your sector. 

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Who should watch this webinar

Retailers who are looking to understand what localisation truly means to them in order to successfully expand beyond their domestic market. 

Chris Boaz

Chris Boaz - Host

Group Marketing Director, GBG


Chris Boaz is the Group Marketing Director for GBG - global specialists in ID intelligence. GBG’s software is used by thousands of companies around the world, including ASOS, Virgin, to help improve online user experience and improve data quality. As an experienced marketing professional, Chris has over 13 years’ experience in the retail software industry.

David Green

David Green

Managing Director, Location Intelligence, Loqate - a GBG solution


David Green is the managing director of GBG’s market-leading location intelligence service Loqate. Leading operations and cross-cultural teams across the US, UK, Europe and Asia, Loqate is a global solution. David has almost two decades of expertise in the area of data intelligence, an expert in all things geospatial, and has worked with some of the leading information technology businesses in Silicon Valley. Loqate’s technology and data has helped thousands of global retail businesses to improve conversions, create a superior user experience and accelerate operations globally.

Robert Gregory

Robert Gregory

Global Research Director, Planet Retail RNG

Planet Retail

Robert Gregory is a Global Research Director at PlanetRetail RNG with responsibility for identifying, tracking and analysing the shifts in the retail landscape and the reaction from the world’s leading retailers. Robert has been working in the retail industry for over 20 years having previously worked at Mintel and Retail Intelligence. During this time, Robert has focussed on a wide spectrum of retail sectors and has researched how operators have expanded internationally in key regions such as Asia.

Ian McGarrigle

Ian McGariggle

Chairman of World Retail Congress and co-founder of Retail Week

World Retail Congress    Retail Week

Ian has over 30 years’ experience working within the UK and international retail sector as a journalist, editor, publisher and founder and director of the World Retail Congress. He helped launch leading UK trade publication Retail Week and developed key industry events including Retail Week Conference and Retail Week Awards. In 2007 he launched the World Retail Congress to serve the international retail market.

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