Loqate, a GBG solution

How we ensure we have the best country premise level data possible:

The top 45 countries have ongoing refresh cycles

Our top 10 country data is refreshed every 6 weeks:

UK (GB, Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey), Germany, Canada, USA, Ireland and Australia.

What does this mean for you?

Improved conversion rates

Improved first-time delivery stats

Higher quality data entering your systems by capturing a correct and formatted address

Keep up with ever-changing premise and building global data

Better customer experience and satisfaction through reduction in manual address entry

September 2022

With this release we are enabling customers to reach an additional 11.6 million people in their homes around the world




200,00 customer address look ups within the past 12 months


We have now increased our premise level data points for Japan by 6%


Premise level coverage increased by 4% to now give us 72% coverage

What opportunity does this offer you?

The Japanese addressing format differs vastly from most Western countries as street names are not present, and buildings are numbered in the order they were constructed, not sequentially. With 74.1% of the Japanese population shopping online it’s imperative to be able to deliver to the right place at the right time.




5 million customer address look ups within the last 12 months


New premise level data has been added, increasing our coverage by 3%

What opportunity does this offer you?

In our last release we made it easier for you to reach Spanish customers, well we’ve gone a step further this time by adding additional sub building fields such as door number and staircase, enabling you to reach the 66.5% of Spaniards that live in apartments.

South Korea


More data points

We now provide a more granular address format and additional address data points for South Korean addresses, including floor, leading type and city.

What opportunity does this offer you?

South Korea was the sixth largest market for eCommerce in 2021 putting it ahead of France and Germany, with it expected to grow at an average rate of 6% being able to reach your customers and deliver a familiar experience will give you a competitive advantage.