Loqate, a GBG solution

Loqate, Inc. (“Loqate”) is committed to achieving and maintaining high standards in all its working practices. We support these objectives by paying suppliers within agreed terms and ensuring we provide clear guidance on our payment procedures.

There are specific invoicing requirements that suppliers need to follow to avoid payment delays. In particular, suppliers must send invoices directly to our invoicing portal at purchase.invoices@loqate.com and not to individuals in the business.

Receiving Purchase Orders

As a supplier, you should ensure you have authorization from us before supplying any goods or services.

Purchase Orders (PO) are our preferred method and should be used unless we have agreed an alternative approach with you. Your PO will be sent to you by email in PDF format with our standard terms and conditions.

Please be vigilant and check the authenticity of POs before providing goods or services. Purchase Orders generated from our system will have the pre-fix “PO” and consist of 8-digits (i.e. PO00000001). All other PO formats will be invalid and will not be accepted.


All invoices must quote a PO number and be issued in PDF format without any form of password protection.

This is essential payment information as invoices are scanned using optical character recognition technology and content is automatically transferred to our payments systems.

If you have not sent your invoice in PDF format, quoting an approved PO number, your invoice may be automatically rejected. You will need to refer to the person who placed the order with you, obtain an authentic PO number and resubmit your invoice to purchase.invoices@loqate.com.

NOTE: Sending invoices to individuals in the business, instead of directly to our invoicing email address, prevents us from being able to pay the invoices on time.


Loqate’s standard payment method is direct payment to your bank account via the BACS system.


If you have a query regarding an outstanding invoice, updating your contact details, supplier statements or change of bank details, etc. please contact our accounts team by email at accounts@loqate.com.