Loqate, a GBG solution


  • Manage customer data entered into NCR's centralized CMDP from multiple locations worldwide to create a single source of clean, validated data.
  • Reduce inaccuracies and duplicate data in the system caused by manual data entry and siloed databases.
  • Standardize global addresses outside of the U.S and Canada, especially in Europe and Asia
  • Improve product deliverability and installation efficiency with accurate address data


  • Employed Loqate’s back-end address verification solution to authenticate & standardize global address data, ensuring that only standardized and complete contact information is entered.
  • Eliminate inaccurate, outdated, or duplicate customer profiles in their MDM system to improve the address matching and delivery processes.
  • Leveraged address intelligence and geocode data to locate damaged software and deploy service providers based on customer location.

Avoiding Downstream Problems with Upfront Data

No matter the industry, the collection and management of customer data is tightly linked to the quality of your services and your customers' satisfaction.

This held especially true for NCR as the #1 global POS software provider for retail and hospitality, and the #1 provider of multi-vendor ATM software. Operating at a global scale meant that customer data entered their Master Data Management (MDM) system from multiple sources, in varying formats, and at times, in different languages. But as the amount of data being collected grew, so did the risk of duplicate profiles, failed deliveries, and unsatisfied customers.

NCR, seeking to mitigate the downstream effects of poor address data, sought out a tool that could easily verify addresses across different countries, standardize customer data, and improve delivery accuracy for their staff on the ground. Persuaded by their comprehensive global address data set, easy-to-integrate API, and geospatial capabilities, NCR implemented Loqate’s Address Verification Solution through Oracle EDQ.

We’ve recently implemented a transactional MDM solution, which is currently being used worldwide by roughly 3,000 users, and Loqate is used globally in all customer facing and internal applications.

Shalini Joshi, Executive Director for Order-to-Cash and Master Data Management at NCR.

Cross-Border Address Standardization

Businesses that operate at a global scale require complete and clean addresses data to support efficient deliveries, customer care, and data-driven decisions.

However, the nuances of global addressing can make getting an accurate address more complex than expected. Variations in language, address structure, and order made it difficult for NCR to develop a single source of clean, validated, global data.

“At NCR, we do translation and transliteration from English to any other language. Transliteration is especially important for us, from a regulation perspective, for us to capture the names of the customers and the address in the native language,” says Shalini. Loqate’s Verify solution worked in tandem with NCR’s application, parsing and matching to detect incomplete or inaccurate data, correcting inconsistent spellings or formatting (per country standards), and enriching records with data from our global databases.


In the past, we struggled with address standardization outside of the U.S and Canada. We do a great deal of work in India; a lot of our manufacturing happens over there. Thanks to Loqate’s comprehensive global coverage, our ability to match addresses in that space has improved by ~80-90%.

Rajivkumar Gulnawar, Product Owner for Customer MDM at NCR

Geocodes for Pinpoint Delivery Accuracy

At NCR, delivery and installation of ATM and PoS hardware are an essential component. These systems are majorly self-service terminals that provide fast and easy service to customers. However, when a piece of equipment needs servicing, an accurate address is required to locate the device, and then send an NCR service expert (SE). Failure to deliver against strict service level agreements (SLAs) can mean severe penalties.

“Because we install a lot of retail and checkout hardware in places like Walmart Target, we need to know exactly where our assets are located. Latitude and longitude coordinates help us identify that,” says Shalini.

To ensure pinpoint accuracy, customer data is run through Loqate and enriched with latitude and longitude coordinates. This enhances location datasets with the most accurate and up-to-date geospatial information and increases efficiency during deliveries and installations.

"We have applications that automatically generate driving directions based on the address of the customer. They use lat-long to give more accurate instructions to our SEs, because we have some very tight SLAs and, if our asset is down and our customer's productivity is affected, there are some severe penalties we have to pay. So, we cannot afford to have them go to a wrong site or lose time going to an incorrect address.”

Shalini Joshi, Executive Director for Order-to-Cash and Master Data Management at NCR

Loqate’s address verification is a big help for us, especially when shipping goods or directing SEs, the servicing team who are our foot soldiers. For them, receiving geo-coordinates is key to guiding them to service the correct location instead of wasting time searching for or arriving at the wrong locations.

High-Quality Data & CX

Overall, the NCR team has easily integrated Loqate’s AV tool into their workflow.

“The whole organization uses NCR’s address database for tasks like creating a code, creating a sales order, and reporting. We want to be sure that, whenever we are servicing or shipping, we are sending our staff and devices to the correct locations,” says Rajivkumar.

By implementing Loqate's address verification and geocoding capabilities, NCR can gain access to data from sources like USPS, Royal Mail, and other global entities while confidently delivering a high-quality experience for end-users.

Loqate AV has really helped us so far by working alongside our global transactional MDM solution to standardize, verify, and enrich customer data on the back-end. That gives us a great relief as downstream systems don't have to revalidate the data entered upfront.

Rajivkumar Gulnawar, Product Owner for Customer MDM at NCR

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