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The delivery dilemma

Delivery drivers work hard to get your products to customers on time, but all too often they'll find themselves going round in circles when a given address just isn’t where it’s supposed to be, resulting in the goods turning up less than fresh or worse…not at all.

A late or failed delivery can carry hard-hitting effects on a business, negative customer reviews, wasted delivery resources, compensation costs, or even the loss of a customer.

By utilizing our award-winning technology, best-in-class data and a team of specialists we can reduce failed delivery rates by up to 70%.

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Sectors We Serve

Fresh not failed


Fresh, not Failed

Whether it be a restaurant meal as a last-minute treat or a grocery delivery, the boom of fresh-food deliveries have put the service in high demand. But with the demand comes the need to manage, streamline and drive efficiency.

Food subscription boxes and fast food deliveries are deploying the technology from Loqate to ensure fast, fresh-food deliveries reach their happy, hungry customers.

Aged not Absent


Aged, not Absent

More and more consumers are opting for a refreshing beverage from the comfort of their sofa as opposed to the usual Friday night at the bar. This shift in behavior opens up the market for online purchases of alcoholic beverages.

With Loqate’s type-ahead predictive technology, you can implement fast, accurate completion at checkout, whilst having the peace of mind that your valuable goods land in the right hands, without going around the block.

Fulfilled not Frustrated


Fulfilled, not Frustrated

If the objective is to deliver to multiple destinations on a daily basis, then efficiency is key. In order to be efficient we need to ensure delivery drivers are supplied with the right tools, which of course includes a correct address.

Loqate’s address cleanse and verification service will ensure your drivers have the correct details. By appending or correcting additional customer information we improve the accuracy, helping to enhance efficiencies and reduce costs.

Treatment not Troubled


Treatment, not Troubled

At this time your service as an online pharmacy is extremely beneficial for many people, particularly if they’re quarantining or living in remote areas. A simple ordering process and efficient delivery will be just what the doctor ordered.

Loqate's complete address solution not only captures, but also verifies and enhances any address. We'll ensure you get the essentials to those who need them most.


Delightful, not Delayed

You work hard to ensure that your customers have the pick of the bunch. Gorgeous flowers are a trusted go-to gift, but how can you guarantee that they’ll arrive on time and garden-fresh?

Increasing conversions and capturing the correct delivery address details may not be as hard as you may think with Loqate’s trusted and award-winning technology. 

How we can help

Address Capture

From the very first keystroke Loqate’s real-time address capture software will capture the most accurate address data.

The moment a customer starts inputting their address our technology will quickly recognize it, presenting auto-suggestions that not only improve the overall user experience but also ensure late deliveries are a thing of the past.

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Address Cleanse

Loqate's address cleanse and verification service is a five-part complete solution, resulting in augmented functionality and capability of your product offerings, reducing costly errors. It will parse, standardize, cleanse, enhance and format address data within a single, easy-to-integrate API across hundreds of global locations, plus the cleansing engine is capable of verifying millions of records per hour.

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