Loqate, a GBG solution

Better user experience

Address verification from Loqate reduces keystrokes by up to 78%. By providing a quicker way to enter address details online you improve the customer experience and reduce form or cart abandonment. 

Clean data

Clean data

Get valid address data at the point of entry, reducing the need to clean it once it's in HubSpot. Our best-in-class data is checked for accuracy against a global portfolio of postal authorities and official data providers. 

Happy customers

Customers frequently make errors when submitting address details online. This can lead to a very frustrating customer experience. Address autocomplete helps you boost customer loyalty by making sure you capture error-free address data. 

Try it out

Start typing any part of an address in Address Line 1 on the below HubSpot form. On selecting an address from the suggestions that show upon typing, it will autofill the other address fields. 

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An international experience

A single, simple-to-use solution for searching and verifying addresses from over 245 countries and territories. No separate licensing or contracts required. The best bit is, settings can be modified at any time without the need for developers – perfect if your business is growing globally.

Instantly International

Low-Code Integration

Integrating Loqate is simple and quick. It requires minimal time and little-to-no coding expertise. Our HubSpot setup guide shows you step by step what to do.

HubSpot Setup Guide

Before you start, make sure you have a Loqate account.
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Partner program for HubSpot Certified Agency Partners

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