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Retail Week and Loqate have released the second annual International Retail Index which highlights best practices for retailers that want to grow their global presence.

A key focus in the Index that is setting eCommerce professionals apart from the competition is the speed of fulfilment and express delivery offerings.

Fulfilment statistics and facts

  • In the UK, 62.5% of online orders were specified-day or next-day delivery in June of this year
  • In Germany, 70% of retailers do not allow customers to select shipping service, and just 11 offer same-day delivery
  • In the US, 75% of consumers expect free shopping and 40% want orders to arrive in two days 

Last-mile innovations

Innovations in last-mile delivery are leading the way in eCommerce as retailers fight to create demand and competition for market share through same-day and quicker delivery.

Top contenders include Waitrose, which is now delivering goods to people even when they’re not at home by using tech to connect to smart locks and consumer-controlled mobile apps, and Co-op food delivery, which is delivering via autonomous robots.

Location data makes it all work

While technology is helping retailers reach new milestones when it comes to deliveries, a key component of this is the reliance on accurate, up-to-date location data.

To keep pace with consumer demand for regular updates on parcel location and flexibility in post-purchase delivery location changes, eCommerce professionals must utilize location data and ensure they have the correct information needed to meet customer expectations.

Loqate’s technology verifies consumers’ addresses and helps to reduce delivery errors. Additionally, Loqate has access to the most accurate data information available on the market.

By joining Loqate’s partner program you’ll gain access to this data, enabling your eCommerce platform users to increase customer satisfaction and grow their revenue by fully utilizing the premium global address data solutions.

If you’d like to learn more about the partner program, get in touch.

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Published October 24, 2019

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