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2019 International Retail Index

Retailing has gone through an incredible metamorphosis. Back in the late nineties' physical strategies, such as bricks-and-mortar store openings in far-flung territories, where the only way to expand internationally. Today, driven by a change in consumer behaviour and the rapid development of retail technology, many of those retailers have retreated and now the most successful of retailers are fully embracing the digital revolution to expand their global appeal via a multi-channel approach.    

With this in mind, we are excited to launch the 2019 International Retail Index. This year’s research identifies a new look list of 30 global retailers who are trailblazing a path to international success. Based on the same attributes as last year, such as forecast global growth, ease of the online checkout and speed of delivery, this year with the emergence of exciting technology such as voice, new metrics have been included to ensure a more accurate reflection of global eCommerce.   

There will be no surprise to learn that digital powerhouse Amazon is once again crowned with the number one spot. However, there are some exciting and surprising entries from the UK and mainland Europe such as Boohoo, Ikea and Paul Valentine as well as innovative fashion brands from the US such as Nordstrom who are all showing strong revenue growth and a thirst for providing the best in customer experience.   

This year’s index looks at the international expansion strategies employed by the top 30 retailers. Growth strategies such as social media have become the driving force behind the global success of relatively new brands such as Gymshark. We also dive into the latest in retail technology - voice, and how it is being pioneered by forward-thinking brands such as ASOS, H&M and Zalando.  

With the likes of Alibaba and JD.com raising the bar when it comes to trailing new technologies such as AI and using data to maximum effect, the final chapter is well worth a read especially if you are looking to the far east to expand your market share.  

This year we have also built in a quiz to help you work out where you would rank against the top 30, will you reign supreme as an international trailblazer or will you discover you have opportunity to grow your international brand appeal?   

You can view the top 30, take part in the quiz or register a spot in the webinar where we will be joined Robert Gregory, EMEA director of advisory, Edge by Ascential, Ian McGarrigle, chairman, World Retail Congress and Matthew Furneaux, global commercial and innovations director, Loqate.   




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