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If you have decided you want to use address validation in your checkout or CRM, chances are you'll be wondering what you can do to evaluate and improve your address validation process. We have listed 7 best practice tips to get you started. 

1. Allow for logical searching 

Using predictive search tools will help you cater for the logical way users enter an address. This is also beneficial in cases where users do not know the full postal code.  

2. Optimise for mobile devices 

Mobile is quickly becoming the go-to device for ecommerce activity, so it is crucial that your tool works smoothly – especially as form completion errors are more common and more problematic on mobile.

3. Cater for users around the world 

There are 130 different address formats around the globe, so if you're selling internationally, it is essential that your tools can verify and format each type. Not only this, but it is also vital for users to be able to search an address in different languages and character sets.  

4. Allow for typos and misspellings 

Typos on web forms are becoming ever-more common as screen size and keyboards get smaller. The issue of 'fat fingers', for example, is common on mobile devices, so it's important to look for a tool that can combat this problem. Fuzzy matching logic recognises common typos, transposed letters, spaces and even abbreviations and nicknames.  

5. Let users enter addresses manually if needed

Regardless of the type of address validation software you use on your site, it is always best to give users the ability to override it if necessary.  

6. Use IP addresses to prioritise your users' suggestions based on their location 

Prioritising based on the user's location makes narrowing down commonly named addresses, e.g. High Street, easier.  

7. A/B test your tools 

It is never safe to assume that what works for one business will also work for yours, so finding a supplier that supports test accounts, is a good idea. Thorough testing will allow you to figure out what works well and will have the best outcome for your business. 

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