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A day in the life of a Customer Service Team Leader

Tell us about your background 

Before Loqate, I worked for several years in a call centre, I was looking for a new job and came across Loqate - I instantly made a connection. The business looked fun, innovative and modern and I was really excited to know more.  

I come from a very creative background, and studied music and drama at university. My creative side really helps me mould myself to what the customer wants. It’s an important skill to have when working with customers, we need to be able to adapt quickly to each situation

What was Loqate like when you first started? 

Loqate was absolutely mind-blowing when I first started - such a change from my last job. It promoted healthy eating, and the location where I was based had an open plan setup. It was refreshing to be able to work hard but in a more agile working environment. I was amazed - not just the building, riverside and the beautiful surrounding area, but also the people; they were so inspiring. The team at Loqate are so talented and really believe in the work they’re doing and continue to innovate. 

Describe a typical day in your job? 

My working day begins at 8am (usually with a rather large black coffee), and although the structure is generally the same, the tasks themselves differ from day to day. I check the support queues and live chat for cases we have received over the night, check my calendar for meetings, and organise myself for the day.  

Throughout the course of the day, my team and I respond to telephone, email and chat enquires all relating to our various verification products. This means that our work can vary massively. One minute we can be taking a card payment over the phone for a customer wishing to set up address verification and the next we will be discussing results brought back from our Geocoding API.  

I like to listen out to the conversations I hear around me and offer positive feedback or help where appropriate. We work collaboratively, and this style of work is reciprocated throughout the team, which makes for a great working environment. We have our quirks, but we make it work.    

Part of my day will include working with other departments, offering customer insight to the user experience or data quality teams or supporting our colleagues in the sales team. Each call is so different. You need to be able to adapt yourself to each person and each business need. It’s getting involved with other teams that pushes me out of my comfort zone – but that’s when I feel I’m really learning.  

What do you enjoy most about your role? 

I like being confident that my team and I are truly offering the customers a great experience whenever they get in touch. Everyone is committed to maintaining a really high standard of communication. We are regularly praised by our customers who point out that we are operating in an extraordinary way and this makes me feel really proud of our work.  

Through my various roles within Loqate, I have travelled overseas, most recently to our new office in Malaysia and before that to the USA. Loqate is a global business, and communicating regularly with our international teams helps us develop a seamless customer experienceI find that if you have the right attitude and work hard to achieve then opportunities naturally present themselves. I have been lucky enough to meet wonderful people along the way, some of which will be friends for life.  

What’s it like to be a woman in tech?  

It feels great to be a woman working in the tech industry, I really enjoy my job, the environment and people I work with. Of course, it has its challenges, but I remind and reassure myself that my views, opinions and input are equally as valid as anyone's. 

What advice would you give to other women going into the tech industry?  

You must look back on what you’ve achieved and be kind to yourself. You’re the only one who’s going to drive a change in your own life, because no-one else is going to hand it to you. It’s great to share what you’ve learnt and not be afraid to show vulnerability because people can relate to that. 

In the past, I found that I would allow my colleagues to talk and I would take a step back and stay quieter, but I feel now that I owe it to myself and the business to speak up - especially if I think my idea will benefit our customers.  

I've learnt that I don’t have to dilute what I think. It can just be my decision making. If you have good intentions and you want the best for other people and yourself, you can’t go too far wrong.  

I'm fortunate to work for a company where people do want to listen, and people are confident enough to challenge and explore ideas. You have to be brave, put your thoughts and opinions forward, be an active part of the discussion. 

What excites you about the future?  

It’s really nice to see the business and the teams evolving. I intend to keep learning and meeting more people within GBG. I’m excited about growing with the company.  


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