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Discover the real power of data with SAS Viya Address, Email and Phone Verification, powered by Loqate

We are pleased to announce the launch of SAS Viya Address, Email and Phone Verification, powered by Loqate. Available on June 9 2022, this cloud-based AI, analytics and data management platform enables the entire analytics life cycle with data validation and enrichment capabilities that are critical to creating the Golden Customer Record and supporting rigorous DataOps and ModelOps processes.

As a trusted Loqate partner of 12 years that helps customers use data to accelerate decisions and create innovative products and services, SAS is making valuable analytics more accessible to businesses all over the globe. The SAS Viya Address, Email and Phone Verification solution with Geocoding and CASS/SERP/AMAS Postal Certification provides a single add-on data verification solution that delivers accurate and enriched data attributes including address, geocode, phone and email data.

The platform has three key features:

1. Address Verification Feature

  • Parsing – component level parsing engine will standardize and validate both partial and full global address inputs by performing a lexicon analysis of the address, identifying and placing each component into their correct category ahead of validation.
  • Matching – component level matching engine will match parsed address components to corresponding reference data to validate each element and identify incorrect or incomplete address information.
  • Formatting – component level formatting engine will correct and enhance an address or make suggestions if address validation is ambiguous.
  • Transliterating – product feature will transliterate words or letters from eight different global character sets into either native or Roman characters.
  • Geocoding/Reverse Geocoding – Associate a latitude and longitude coordinate to an address location, further enhancing the precision and value to any geo-spatially aware application. Reverse Geocode solution identifies locations nearest to a latitude and longitude coordinate.
  • Postal Certifications – perform certified data processing for postal authority approved address verification in the US, Canada and Australia.

2. Phone Verification Feature

  • Phone verification API allows users to check validity of a phone number’s information including number verification and formatting, carrier information. The coverage is worldwide for Formatting Lookups, while Carrier Lookups (NetworkCountry and NetworkCode fields) are returned for over 90 countries.

3. Email Verification Feature

  • Email verification API allows users to check validity of business and personal email addresses globally, even free web-mail addresses such as Hotmail and Gmail. The coverage is worldwide and goes beyond checking for an @ symbol and a valid domain, the service detects whether the email mailbox is genuine and can receive mail.

Clean and verified customer data, especially address, phone, and email records, are key data attributes needed to create and underpin your analytics tools, deliver efficiency savings and raise your analytics maturity level. Now customers can make the most of their analytics investment from anywhere in the world within SAS studio on the Viya platform. Learn more about SAS Viya Address, Email and Phone Verification on the SAS Data Quality Features page.

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