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Going the distance to raise money for the homeless

The UK leg of the Challenge took place at Edale Valley in the stunning Peak District. There were two routes: a walking route, which was 22 miles of rambling over the hills; and the cycling route, which was 55 miles, cycling up and down the rocky, uneven paths. Overall, almost all the participants completed the courses, and it was a resounding success. It was a hot, sunny day, which made the challenge harder, but the participants agreed it was worth it, because it was all for an honourable cause.

For some, it was their first GBG challenge. Mick Hegarty, our Head of Customer Insights and Innovation, took part in the walk, and he said, “I had pretty high expectations for the event, based on everything I’d heard, but it far exceeded them. A day that I will always remember”. He also remarked that, “you get to talk to people you don’t normally speak to or even know”. Overall, many also observed that it was a good team-building exercise and helped everybody to get to know different people from contrasting departments within GBG. It also helps new members of GBG to bond with other colleagues.

St Paul’s Hostel was chosen as our charity this year because it helped our colleagues to reflect on how lucky we are to have a safe home, and how the responsibility to contribute towards the end of homelessness belongs to us all.

Please visit our Just Giving page to find out more about the role that St Paul’s Hostel plays within the community, and how you can sponsor our colleagues who took part in the challenge.


Guest blog by Scarlett Furneaux

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