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How to optimize your UX to solve customer pain points

Having a good product is one thing but having a website that meets customer demands and expectations is essential to close deals and effectively grow loyal customer bases. In this article, we’ll be exploring how to optimize your user experience (UX) to remove the friction responsible for high cart abandonment rates and failed deliveries, ensuring your consumers have a winning customer experience (CX) from checkout to fulfillment.

Let’s start with some good housekeeping

 The majority of issues seen during the customer journey lead back to one thing: customer data. Consumer data collected during everyday transactions, such as physical or email addresses and phone numbers, are the primary source of your business functions, insights, and strategies. As such, that information should be as accurate and comprehensive as possible.

However, without proper verification tools in place, your databases are always at risk of absorbing invalid data and lowering the quality of the information in your CRM, POS, or ERP systems. With human error during data entry and invalid address records being only a few of the ways this can occur, it is imperative that businesses place a high priority on collecting and maintaining high-quality data.

Collecting accurate address data at the point of entry reduces your need to clean it once it’s in your database. It is in your best interest that you implement an address verification tool for your customers to ensure their data is accurate from the onset, negating the chances of upset users getting in touch about incorrect records, failed deliveries, or fraudulent transactions.

This simple switch also comes with other added benefits:

Help prevent cart abandonment

As we’ve already covered, bad UX can be responsible for losing up to 70% of customer purchases. A simple way to overcome this is to ensure your checkout includes auto-complete type-ahead technology.

67% of customers claim that unpleasant experiences are why they abandon carts - a poorly flowing checkout experience being one such experience. Implementing an address verification solution can take the friction out of the customers’ address entry process.

Type-ahead technology can help fill in the gaps during data entry by simplifying the process of finding and retrieving the correct version of an input address and ensuring the final match is a verified and deliverable address. Loqate’s Capture solution allows customers to find an address in as little as three keystrokes, circumventing customers’ annoyance when they have to type in their full address during onboarding or checkout.

Aid in minimizing delivery errors

With the rising demand for quick, easy, and convenient experiences, today’s consumers have little room in their hearts for failure. 41% of shoppers are not likely to purchase again from a retailer who delivered a late package.

Address verification increases efficiency by avoiding poor data quality and the cost of late or missed deliveries. As the address data you’ll receive will have been verified at the point of capture, this positive will carry through to serve benefits further downstream.

Using a free-type form, consumers can make a typo when hitting the wrong keys, giving you an incorrect address. Using Loqate’s Address Verification solution, you can benefit from ‘fuzzy matching’ capability, which helps you capture the most accurate address and geolocation information, even when the initial keyed data isn’t perfect.

This carries through for spelling mistakes, missing words or letters, and abbreviations as addresses are standardized and corrected for you.

Benefit conversion rates with global data

Using an address verification tool, you can create a single checkout form for customers - wherever they are in the world. Loqate Address Verify is capable of verifying addresses from all 249 countries and territories, making it the perfect companion for international websites looking to connect with customers all over the world.

Instead of customers having bad experiences with a form fill that doesn’t accept the format of a different country’s address or regularly experiencing failed deliveries, you can capture their loyalty by making this one simple change.

Loqate’s Verify and Capture solutions

Implementing Loqate’s address solutions will yield you a faster, easier way to capture and verify addresses in your online forms and checkouts.

For new data input, there’s Address Capture: easily reach any address in the world in as little as three keystrokes and as quick as 150 milliseconds. As soon as the user begins typing, suggestions to auto-complete the address are immediately provided, with Loqate’s search algorithm accounting for - and anticipating - address input nuances per country.

And when it comes to cleansing your existing database, there’s Verify: the solution able to parse, format, verify, enhance and standardize address data via a single, easy to integrate API.

For more information about Loqate’s products and how they can benefit your business and customers, check out our Address Capture & Verify solutions. 

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