Loqate, a GBG solution
Introducing: the next generation of type-ahead address capture

Combining the latest technology and the most knowledgeable experts with the best address and geocode data available, businesses can now reach further beyond borders, even in emerging and hard-to-address markets.

The result? You get access to more addresses in fewer keystrokes, in more global markets, with more flexibility to meet your customers’ needs.

What’s new in Capture?

Multi-language and character support

Full Unicode support allows your customers to use their own native language and character set to search for and enter their address.

Ideal for businesses operating in multiple territories, the introduction of Unicode support improves UX, increases your global reach, and reduces address capture time for your customers, no matter where they are in the world.

Enhanced location biasing

Using the customer’s latitude and longitude coordinates, the latest release of Capture offers location biasing that’s even more granular and accurate, resulting in fewer keystrokes to get to the right address.

When turned on, location biasing detects the user’s location via IP or device location (if enabled) to assist the scoring and ranking of search results, finding the nearest matching addresses first. This means that customers can receive a precise address match without having to type in their entire address.

Advanced results filtering

Advanced results filtering allows you to accept or restrict certain record types or addresses based on custom parameters, such as postal code, city, state or commercial and residential.

Perhaps you want to restrict returned addresses to only those that fall within your delivery zone or extend delivery surcharges for certain regions. Well with advanced results filtering, you can.

The addition of Geofencing lets you draw a polygon on a map within which search requests can either be included or excluded. Applied through latitude and longitude coordinates, the tool allows you to set precise custom geographic areas.

Improved search

The latest version of Capture helps you secure the most accurate address and geolocation data, even when the data entered isn’t perfect. Sound too good to be true? We promise you it’s not.

Using the most modern text-based search technology available, we’ve improved our localised search function, fuzzy matching, abbreviation matching and synonym matching to ensure you get your location searches right – even when your customers don’t.

All this leads to more addresses for you to access, more granular data on those addresses, fewer keystrokes for customers leading to lower cart abandonment rates, and reduced costs from having to rectify incorrect data.

Even greater data

Digital transformation has created more opportunities for businesses to reach international customers. But for a long time, address data has been sparse and hard to come by for many areas of the globe, such as India, the Far East, Indonesia and Central and South America.

That’s why we’ve partnered with more data organisations worldwide giving you 150% more street data and 151% more postcodes.

By cross-referencing, combining and cleansing the data from multiple sources within individual countries, we’re able to provide our customers with access to the world’s most comprehensive and detailed repository of address data.

Try it for yourself

Locating your customers quickly and accurately couldn’t be easier with the latest version of Capture. To find out more or to upgrade your existing account, speak to one of our friendly advisers today.