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Loqate and Target Cloud give Zoho CRM customers access to consistent and accurate address data

With the automaton capabilities available in popular CRM systems like Zoho CRM, new customer records can be created at a much faster pace than with manual entry. Without a tool for data validation at the point of entry, details can often be missing, incorrect or not in the appropriate format.

While a golden record can be one of the hardest things to accomplish when using CRM software, enlisting the help of a CRM consultant can transform your database. We sat down with our partner Target Cloud to discuss their partnership with Zoho CRM, what led them to partner with us, and how our Address Verification solution meets their desired business needs.

Helping global businesses sell more

Target Cloud was founded in 2014 and has helped over 300 UK businesses make the transition from paper, spreadsheets, legacy systems, or CRMs that are due for an upgrade. As a Zoho CRM partner, they provide consultancy, implementation, training and advanced Support for mid-market and enterprise businesses.

“As a Zoho Premium Partner for the last year, we provide CRM solutions across the globe to help people sell more with their CRM,” said Craig Davies, Managing Director of Target Cloud. Aware that data quality was a challenge within many CRMs, Target Cloud began the search for an address validation solution to offer to the marketplace and their hundreds of customers.

“We've been working with Zoho for eight years and one of the common problems within any CRM is consistent and accurate address data. When collecting customer details, one of the key criteria, especially if you're doing deliveries or eCommerce, is to make sure that the customer's address details are correct. In any CRM system, those address fields are usually pretty standard, but there's often no consistency. It’s been a wish of ours for years to get a tool in place that would remedy this. As it didn’t exist in Zoho, it was something that needed to be included within their extension database.”

In 2021, Target Cloud established a partnership with Loqate and launched their CRM toolkit extension for the Zoho Marketplace which includes type-ahead Address Lookup using accurate global address data and Email/Phone Validation provided by Loqate.

Every customer is a new fresh journey

Zoho Marketplace offers numerous ready-to-install extensions aimed at helping customers scale up their business needs. Since Target Cloud launched their CRM Toolkit with Address Lookup in January, success has been rapid. Their CRM Toolkit enables you to access verified address data and the email/phone validation service in Zoho CRM. 

“Around two years ago, we built an address lookup prototype, to test the market demand for an address verification tool within Zoho CRM. That first prototype was successful, and the next stage was to introduce a toolkit. This supported our vision for providing all validation services within Zoho, so not just address lookup but email validation, phone validation and more,” said Craig. “Within the first three months we've had almost 200 installations of the tool.”

With Address Lookup, businesses of all types and sizes can ensure accurate and complete address entry as they type in real-time. By including email and phone validation, merchants had access to the full package when validating their customer data.

“At the moment, we've launched three services on there, address lookup, email validation, which is provided from the Loqate data set, and phone validation. We're also looking at the geocode element, where we can do reverse lookups, and will be adding any services that Loqate brings to the data set. Now that we're connected to the API, it's very easy for us to add those services into the toolkit, which will mean that Zoho users will have access to Loqate services instantly. “

Accurate data for any business

The benefits of the Target Cloud app are not solely limited to ecommerce businesses. Craig states, “we are seeing a real influx in particular sectors, those are, real estate, travel and finance. They tend to be customers who have a business-to-consumer type model where they really need accurate addresses of their customer base.”  

“The long-term vision for the app is to turn it into the go-to tool for all validation services,” said Craig. “We're hoping for 500 clients across the place in terms of installations of the toolkit, and for many of those to be paying clients who are using address lookup.”

Interested in learning more about Target Cloud and their Zoho CRM extension? You can watch our full interview with Craig Davies at Loqate TV: Partner Talks and learn more about Loqate’s integration with Zoho CRM through our partner Target Cloud here.

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