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Moms in eComm: top lessons eCommerce businesses can learn from motherhood

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that moms are superheroes – they’re always on, they know what we need before we do, and they make our lives easier. While our mothers are busy putting others first and representing pillars of love, support and growth, they also find the time to leave behind valuable lessons that we can all learn from—even eCommerce businesses.

In many ways, an eCommerce business is like having a great mom. As we approach Mother’s Day, we could not miss exploring the connection between the customer experience and motherhood with help from those that understand it best.

We reached out to a few of our favorite eComm moms, asking them to share their greatest tips for navigating eComm with the tools of motherhood, and they delivered! Here’s some of the best advice they gave us about mom-approved eComm best practices, connecting with younger customers, and building the perfect mom-friendly online shopping experience.

What is a lesson you’ve learned from motherhood that eCommerce businesses can apply?

“Always be agile! Learning to have clear structure and rules is fundamental for a child, but at the same time, we have to be open-minded and move at our child’s pace. Sometimes that’s smooth, consistent, and easily managed. But sometimes, variables (new age development, peer pressure, a pandemic) pop up and make you choose between forcing your child (or business) to stay in your comfortable pace and structure or move at the pace they are telling you they want to go. The challenge is finding creative ways to maintain your rules and structure in a way that meets them at their current level. And tomorrow could/will be a completely different level! Expect to feel uncomfortable as you learn every day and it will be a lot easier!”

Lauren Rohrer, Director of Omnichannel at Vital Proteins

“Motherhood is a role that includes the responsibility to lay a foundation of principles and beliefs that will help guide children as they grow. The tiny dependents I cherish and care for every day will one day grow up to be independent - able and willing to make all their own decisions, while I cross my fingers that the choices they make will be the right ones. Fostering their growth while maintaining our principles and beliefs is part of my core mission as a mother, not unlike the focus and clear mission an eCommerce business needs to build brand loyalty and experience longevity in their market.”

Sasha Miller, Product Manager in Merchant Success & Optimization at Canada Post

“I believe motherhood is an ever-changing, fast-paced experience similar to the ever-evolving world of eCommerce. In the blink of an eye, you could be looking at the world from a completely different perspective. Patience is key, and embracing change, adapting, and rolling with the punches is an important skill set to embrace. The answers are not always simple or obvious, and sometimes they are difficult to navigate…but the reward is well worth it!”

Rebecca Thomas, Senior Manager of Strategic Alliances at Corra

What has interacting with your children taught you about the younger generation of customers?

“The younger generation needs connection, reasoning, purpose. They need us to listen and give them tools to handle life vs. enforce how we think they should handle it. When we give acceptable options to their questions or tantrums and let them choose the outcome, we ignite a sense of power and control within them that allows them to feel independent (age-appropriate independence, of course!). They thrive off of feeling like they have a purpose in your family vs. feeling like a child who is just told what to do or not allowed to do anything.”  

– Lauren Rohrer, Director of Omnichannel at Vital Proteins

 “By interacting with my children, I’ve learned that the younger generation of customers appears to be savvier, more cost-conscious shoppers. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy a good sale too, but my children are on another level. My younger son would often tell me not to shop online without “using Honey” first (how does he know what Honey is?), and my older son sends me links for new sneakers alongside a list of promo codes to try. They seem to learn about these tricks from friends and then want to set up PayPal accounts with their birthday money to make their own purchases online (in my household anyway)! The younger generation seems to want to sport many of the same popular brands my generation did – but they want to buy it online – and they definitely want a promo code field!”

– Sasha Miller, Product Manager in Merchant Success & Optimization at Canada Post

“From my perspective, the more accessible and convenient online shopping becomes, the more impulsive and demanding younger shoppers become. I have personal experience hearing my son say, “I HAVE to have this because *insert name of favorite YouTuber here* has it” or my favorite... “but it’s on sale, there’s a promo!” We have access to more than ever before in terms of what we can buy online, and marketing focused on children is a lucrative business, given that children’s products bring in billions per year in the US. That doesn’t include children-influenced purchases in the world of eCommerce as well, when it comes to food, clothing, etc. With ease of access at the forefront, there is far less hesitation to hit the buy button. If I’m being blunt, this can seem daunting as a parent because there are many things I want to protect my child from seeing or experiencing as an online consumer. But I also believe the more we cater to the evolving expectations of our younger generations, the more widely expansive the industry becomes. Opportunities are nearly limitless, and our children will continue to guide the path to booming eCommerce growth."

– Rebecca Thomas, Senior Manager of Strategic Alliances at Corra

As a mom, what elements of a checkout guarantee you’ll have a winning online shopping experience?

“Fast. Seamless. Easy. Page loading time and number of clicks to purchase are most important for me!”

– Lauren Rohrer, Director of Omnichannel at Vital Proteins

“A good experience is made possible when the items I’m seeking to purchase are easy to find, in stock, and clearly displayed in an itemized fashion with pricing viewable upon checkout, making it easy for me to review and confirm my purchases, validate my address is correct, enter my payment details (and promo codes!) and ultimately receive confirmation that my order was successful.”

– Sasha Miller, Product Manager in Merchant Success & Optimization at Canada Post

“The easier and quicker the checkout process, the more likely I am to purchase, especially as a parent. If I have time to second-guess my decision, I am more likely to either put it on hold, re-evaluate, or not buy altogether. Often as parents, we are overwhelmed, over-stimulated, and overly stressed. Having a one-click buy option is a game-changer on those days when life is tough and I don’t have the extra energy to put into a lengthy checkout process. I would confidently say half of the time that my decision not to purchase is due to either not being able to auto-fill, one-click buy, or easily add promotions. Some of my other favorite features would be no registration required before checkout, free shipping (always a plus), and multiple payment solutions offered. Parenting is chaotic enough most of the time; checking out online in the world of eCommerce today should never be!”

Rebecca Thomas, Senior Manager of Strategic Alliances at Corra

The foundation for eCommerce success

In many ways, an eCommerce business should be like having a great mom, and our customers should be like our kids—real people who are driven by emotion and expect you to prioritize and meet their needs. The future of eCommerce is changing, and being agile and willing to learn constantly will prepare your business for whatever comes next.

A big thank you to the mothers who continue to guide and support us all! Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about how Loqate’s Address Verification solution can help you optimize your eCommerce checkout.

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