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New Report: Responding to the Rise

Responding to the Rise

During the pandemic, consumers were shopping online in numbers never seen before. As of February 2021, 71% of UK consumers were shopping online to obtain all their valued goods to keep them going during lockdown.

To explore the scale of pandemic eCommerce in greater detail, Loqate took on the task of surveying 1,000 UK-based consumers. Our mission was to understand how the pandemic has changed shoppers behaviours and whether the necessary use of eCommerce will continue to be adopted as we return to normal.

Furthermore, the survey also examined the relationship between future purchase intentions and delivery efficiencies, here we look to understand consumers delivery expectations and the consequences should their delivery fail.

The free report shows the eCommerce could be at the doorstep of a golden age due to the sheer demand from those looking to move their shopping online. However, the main catch for retailers is that this rise in interest comes with mounting expectations, especially when it comes to speedy and efficient delivery.

As expected, failed deliveries carry a cost; our previous Fixing Failed Deliveries report highlighted an average cost of £11.60 per failed delivery in the UK. And with an average failed delivery rate of 6%, the costs can mount up. However, it’s not just the cost implications that carry consequences, as our latest report reveals that 7 in 10 people are hesitant or refuse to shop with brands again when a delivery is late or fails.

Our report highlights what influences consumer attitudes and how eCommerce retailers can cultivate positive experiences. The findings from the research give great insight into how any business can improve its delivery efficiencies and ensure that customers aren’t lost to competitors for want of a better overall experience.

Key findings from the report

  • When looking at pre vs post-pandemic shopping habits, online shopping trips have increased by 24%, while in-store shopping trips have decreased by 15%.
  • More than half of all consumers (55%) prefer to receive delivery updates via SMS.
  • Two-thirds of consumers have had trouble with delivery drivers finding their address.
  • Just over half of the people we surveyed stated their online shopping will significantly or somewhat increase as a result of the pandemic (51%)
  • 1 in 7 (17%) stated any delivery cost might be enough to drive them back in-store.

Get the full story on these findings and learn even more about the impact of failed deliveries by reading our report now!

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