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What happens when data quality goes wrong...and how to fix it

Without the right data quality tools in place, you’ll experience... 

  • Poor business reporting What happens when data quality goes wrong 
  • Ineffective communication with customers 
  • Failed deliveries  
  • High costs 
  • Unsuccessful marketing campaigns  
  • Dissatisfied customers 

When it comes to data quality, did you know that... 

  • According to a recent study from Forrester, over half of firms report the poor quality of their location data is one of the biggest inhibitors to location intelligence 
  • 1 in 20 online orders never arrive at their intended destination 
  • There are over 3.9 billion email users worldwide... 
  • ...but 17% of email address data is incorrect 
  • Over half of online users admit to giving fake email addresses... 
  • By 2023, there will be 7.3 billion mobile phone users around the world 

...so it’s never been more important to verify your customers’ address, email and phone data. 

How Loqate helps overcome data quality issues 

Why address verification is vital to your business 

Loqate's solution offers the best global location data powered the only complete address verification technology on the market. This enables you to provide a quicker, easier and more convenient way to verify and enrich customer data. 

Address Verification from Loqate

With real-time address verification you capture only accurate address data in your online forms, ePOS sytems or in your CRM systems over the phone in your contact centers.  


Checks accuracy against a global portfolio of best-in-class address data sets

Searches and verify addresses from over 245 countries and territories

Ensures accurate customer data from the moment of capture


How to maintain data quality

Once you’ve successfully captured accurate customer data, keeping it clean is the next step of optimising your data quality.  

  • Did you know that consumer data degrades on average by 13% and business data by 37% every year? 

Loqate’s address cleanse parses, standardises, verifies, cleanses and formats address data, and works perfectly with type-ahead address verification to ensure you maintain accurate address data through. Loqate offers the most comprehensive solution, powered by global data 


Provides global data powered by our superior parsing and matching engine

Enables you to enhance your business functionality and capability

Delivers the most complete and accurate address data available


How email validation can improve customer experience

With Loqate's email verification solution you can check email addresses are valid at the point of entry, this reassures your customers, as well as ensures you capture accurate data for ongoing customer relationships. 

We also offer batch cleansing, enabling you to clean data already in your ecosystem.


Helps you reach more customers – great for marketing campaigns

Minimises hard bounces and blocked emails – perfect for maintaining your email reputation

Reduces bogus registrations in your online forms - allowing you to successfully on-board new customers


Why phone verification is key to your success

Right now, how far away from your mobile are you? Nine times out of ten it will be already in your hand or within reach. Your customers are no different. These days we can do almost anything on our smart phones, and we communicate with our favourite brands mostly via our mobile phones. If you aren't checking the numbers you are capturing are correct, then how can you expect to create that seamless customer experience? From successfully on-boarding new banking customers via security texts or delivery updates on when to expect that new pair of trainers - your customers are relying on you to make sure you have their details correct.

Loqate's phone verification solution can check the length of a number and find out its location and carrier in real-time - meaning you can effectively communicate with your customers.


Saves you money - ensuring calls and messages are only sent to valid numbers

Allows you to efficiently communicate – contact customers at each stage of the journey

Boosts customer satisfaction - keep them informed throughout their purchase or on-boarding experience

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