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Why data cleansing is critical to your ecommerce business's success during the holidays

Regardless of how optimistic many online retailers feel as the 2018 holiday season approaches, they still have to worry about the annual holiday “code freeze” period. When the holiday code freeze period takes place, IT departments and product teams stop implementing code updates to minimise glitches during the busy holiday traffic period. Code freeze leaves digital marketers and website managers without much control over website updates or campaign changes. This can lead to a decrease in online conversion rates, lower customer engagement, and lost customers.

Luckily, retailers don’t have to sit idly. There is a way to maximise your productivity and the overall effectiveness of your online and offline customer experiences, even during holiday code freeze, because this change doesn’t require new coding or software. All you need is to conduct a customer database cleanse.

Why Data Cleansing Is Critical During the Holidays

While other ecommerce businesses and retailers remain stagnant and frustrated during their code freeze periods, you can reap the many benefits of cleansing your data.

Below are some of the most important benefits you’ll want to consider.

Data Cleansing Ensures Deliverability of Items and Increases Customer Satisfaction

With enhanced address verification and email validation capabilities, like those offered by Loqate, you’ll decrease the amount of failed and inaccurate deliveries your business handles throughout the holiday season, which will save a lot of money in shipping, operational, and inventory-related costs.

When you cleanse your customer data during the holidays, you’re significantly decreasing the likelihood that items will ship to the wrong addresses. And when customers consistently receive the correct items they purchased on time and at accurate locations, they'll be more satisfied with your business and the products it sells.

Data Cleansing Curtails Fraudulent Activity

In addition to protecting your company from loss due to shipping errors, data cleansing during the holiday season can guarantee that your customer data is compliant and protected from fraudulent activity. This also means that individuals across your company can rely on this data when they access it in back-office systems. The bottom line is that data cleansing guarantees the overall integrity and quality of your customer database, which ensures accuracy and usability.

Data Cleansing Offers a Unique Avenue for Customer Personalisation

When you complete a customer data cleanse, you gain direct insight into how to improve your customer service operations, processes, and checkout experiences. This enables you to improve your conversion rates and boost the overall growth of your business during the holidays.

How? When you have accurate and up-to-date location and email data for your customers, you’ll be able to offer them highly targeted and timely content, sales, discounts, and other promotions, all without coding or site updates required.

A recent Forrester report commissioned by Loqate found that 63% of consumers are interested in allowing brands to use their location data to provide promotional discounts and vouchers. This of course only works when the data is accurate, and is especially valuable when competing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

With accurate data, you’ll be able to learn more about how you can better process customers’ orders, shipping, and payment requests based on their location. Location data can enable you to personalise the checkout and overall site experience to meet their local needs even if you have global customers. This decreases your cart abandonment rates, enhances user experiences, brand affinity, and increases your revenue.

A Trusted Solution: Loqate Data Batch Cleanse

With Loqate’s data cleansing and enhancing services, you can quickly and easily parse, standardise, verify, cleanse, and associate geo-coordinates with address data for over 245 countries and territories while also validating email addresses within your customer database.

Our data experts are always available to help. Simply send us your raw data files, and we will return them verified, cleansed and formatted to import back into your database. GBG Loqate does it all for you, quickly and effectively so you can reinvigorate your holiday campaigns without being burned by code freeze.

To learn more about how you can get started today, visit Loqate.com.

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