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Tips to improve your online checkout

The checkout flow is easily the most crucial phase of any online business. When all goes smoothly, the customer can effortlessly find their desired product, add it to their cart, fill out their shipping & billing information and wait for their prize to arrive in the mail. But, with customer expectations for an easy purchase journey at its peak, the process is not always smooth-sailing.

Even the slightest friction in your checkout process can drive shoppers away from your site—many never to return. To win over each and every customer, retailers must make it as easy as possible for them to get from start to finish. There are many areas where improvement can increase eCommerce conversions, but to make the biggest impact, you'll want to start with the most prominent: the user experience (UX).

Key topics covered in this checklist:

  • Understanding your customers to help create a great checkout experience
  • Reducing form fills to speed up your online checkout
  • Why optimising your mobile checkout is essential in today's convenience-driven world
  • The importance of offering guest checkout

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