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Because they think we're too expensive

Because they're happy with standard lookup

Because they have concerns over platform security

Because they have concerns over scope of data 

Because they have concerns over latency 

Because they think we don’t have development capacity 

Because they think we only provide address verification 

With over 30 years in the industry, we have a ton of expertise when it comes to data verification technology and innovation, and we’re trusted by over 13,000 customers worldwide. But every now and again, we meet businesses who are not using Loqate’s platformusually because they have misconceptions about Loqate and our technology. 

Here are seven reasons why businesses don’t use Loqate...but absolutely should. 


Reason 1

Because they think we’re too expensive 

The age-old adage of 'buy cheap, buy twice or you get what you pay for' is generally true, and it's not different with address validation.  

As opposed to many other providers, Loqate is constantly innovating and investing in our technology to provide our customers with the best possible platform.  

Some businesses are happy to continue using a particular provider because it works, but just because it works, doesn’t mean it’s best for your business. Loqate’s platform is constantly one step ahead, allowing you to future-proof your business and meet the ever-changing expectations of users. One example of this is our address verification add-on geolocation, which allows mobile users to enter their entire address in just one tap.  

An important rule to follow when considering cost is the 1-10-100 rule, which allows you to assess the financial costs of dirty data. In the 1-10-100 rule, $1 is used to indicate the amount it costs to verify data from the start, giving you clean and accurate data. The 10 equates to $10, which indicates the significant increase in costs data needs to be cleaned further down the line. The 100 refers to the enormous cost that occurs when no data verification is ever used. 


Reason 2:

Because they’re happy with standard postal code lookup 

Many businesses are now looking for smart technology, such as Loqate’s type-ahead address verification, that will really improve their UX. This, of course, leads to higher conversion rates and happier customers.

User experience research has also shown that users prefer this type of technology to other address entry methods thanks to its intuitive, convenient search capabilities.  

However, some companies are happy to continue using standard postcode/zipcode lookup. While postcode lookup is fine for users in the UK and Netherlands who more likely to know their own postcode, it isn’t as user-friendly for those who don’t - or who are entering someone else’s address.  

For users outside the UK and Netherlands, postal code lookup is often used as standard, however, it does not help users narrow down the rest of the address, making it less user-friendly.  

Giving global users the option to be able to enter their address in a way they prefer is crucial for providing great UX and converting them before they become frustrated and leave. Loqate optimises forms to ensure your customers have a great experience regardless of where they are located.


Reason 3:

Because they have concerns over platform security 

Loqate is ISO27001 accredited, demonstrating that we have a clearly defined best-practice information security process in place. This means your data is safe with us and security is not an issue. 

Our robust platform is run from a hybrid environment, comprising both physical data centres and cloud environments. This helps provide the best throughput and most reliable service.  

At Loqate, we also run multi-tier firewalls at our sites to give coverage inside the network, as well as operating a full vulnerability scanning program to test assets internally and externally.  

Not only this but we also run several “active/active” data centres, each of which are able to take the Loqate platform load. These are generally run at approximately 10% capacity to leave room for spikes and maintenance.  


Reason 4:

Because they have concerns over scope of data 

Data is one of the most important factors for any business to consider. Poor quality data has a devastating effect on businesses, leading to high costs, poor decision-making, ineffective communication with customers and negative brand reputation. 

At Loqate, we have developed new technologies that optimise our capability to produce high quality reference data and verify addresses for over 245 countries and territories, and our breadth of data is the most accurate and all-encompassing on the market.  

Also, we only partner with trusted data sources, including Royal Mail, USPS, and Canada Post, to ensure that you only capture valid and complete data in your systems. 


Reason 5:

Because they have concerns over latency 

Another major concern for many online businesses is latency.

If your site is too slow, customers inevitably become frustrated and the chances of them leaving are far higher. Businesses understandably want a solution that will work quickly and efficiently.  

At Loqate, we receive and return requests in a matter of just 100 milliseconds, making sure your service runs smoothly and quickly. 


Reason 6:

Because they think we don’t have development capacity 

Finding a brand-new tool can be fantastic until you need to figure out how to integrate them into your systems.

With many services, it doesn’t matter if you have been sold the best tool in the world, if you don’t have the development capacity, you won’t be able to integrate.  

However, Loqate’s tools can be integrated quickly and easily, with or without the help of a developer, and our simple to follow integration guides and videos are designed to help you get set up as smoothly as possible. We have pre-built integrations for most ecommerce platforms and CRMs, and, of course, our award-winning customer support team is also here for you in the case that you need our help. This means more time for you to concentrate on what you do best.  


Reason 7:

Because they think we only provide address verification 

Loqate is well known for its innovative address verification tool, but that’s not all we do. We offer a wide range of data verification tools, including phone, email and bank validation, which all play a vital role in optimising the checkout.  

Far from a one-trick pony, Loqate is passionate about providing a service which will allow you to scale as and when necessary. So, whether you’re expanding globally or looking to solve a data issue, we’re here for you.  

Loqate also allows you to parse, standardise, cleanse and format your data. Our address cleansing engine can process millions of records every hour, allowing you to efficiently manage your data and save costs.  

We are the most comprehensive solution when it comes to address data quality thanks to our Persistent Data Hierarchy (PDH)PDH technology allows Loqate to curate and enhance global address data and geocode data from multiple sources, creating one golden record. 

PDH sets Loqate apart from the competition by enhancing the reliability, speed and quality of its global location data, creating consistency, normalisation and data-error resolutions.  

Find out more about how Loqate can help you improve data quality and UX, and scale as and when you need.  


Try Loqate’s type-ahead address verification tool for free or get in touch for more information.


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