Loqate, a GBG solution

Valuable & important ways businesses are using address verification and geocodes

Learn how address data helps businesses make better decisions

One thing is for sure: addresses are critical elements in enabling, enriching, improving, delivering value as part of business functions.

The Insights Your Business Needs

Address data is an essential part of customer identity, and acts as a bridge, linking reliable and accurate data to new strategies that keep your business innovative, efficient, and competitive.

But, statistics show that more than half of firms (55%) admit they face challenges around the consistency of address format in their databases.

This white paper will help you assess the value of verified address data based on your business needs, and look at application uses for clean, verified, enriched and up-to-date address data for your industry.

What You'll Learn:

  • How address data is critical to desired business outcomes
  • Why all successful organizations require address data standardization and enrichment
  • Top benefits of collecting accurate customer address data in any industry
  • How organizations like NCR and NextGate are leveraging verified address data to collect high-quality data and insights

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