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Make failed deliveries a thing of the past

Find out the true cost of faulty fulfillment and discover our simple steps to help you boost operational efficiency, enhance customer experience, and stamp out failed deliveries for good.

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What's inside


Failed deliveries: an international problem?

Find out how the rise in cross-border commerce has accelerated the issue of failed deliveries internationally.


How poor address data impacts your bottom line

We take a closer look at the severe financial effects of faulty fulfillment for retailers across the globe.


Dealing with delivery disappointment

We explore the problems posed by disgruntled customers and the top five retail categories that are most likely to let them down.


How friction leads to frustration

Learn more about the top five frustrations customers face when buying online and find out how to boost repeat purchasing.


The crucial steps to business success

At a time when online orders are booming, and international sales are on the rise, discover the key steps to eCommerce success.


Reach your customers first time, every time

With many businesses built on shaky fulfilment foundations, we share four simple tips to help you deliver to your customers first time, every time.

Some of our key findings, download the report to learn more. 

55% of eCommerce customers say they’re more likely to experience delivery delays with international orders.

41% of customers place blame on the retailer if their order is late.

4 in 10 shoppers claim they would abandon their online cart and seek the same item from a rival retailer if they face address entry issues.


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