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How to Reduce Financial Application Abandonment

A guide to creating customer-centric data collection experiences on financial services websites.

Financial application forms can often be a daunting process to complete. Information provided can often seem overly complicated leaving users confused and disheartened. By streamlining the data entry process, you can greatly reduce the amount of time spent on manual entry while simultaneously increasing data quality.

Learn how to improve conversion rates 

Learn about Address Verification technology & design tricks to improve user experience and on-site navigation for financial services websites.


UX Advice Designed for Financial Services

Forrester suggests that 54% of people filling out online forms for financial service products abandon prior to completion. It is well-known that form abandonment is higher in the finance sector due to rigorous privacy concerns. Studies show that the average application form takes 147 seconds to complete, but this number can skyrocket to 251 seconds on some financial services websites. Learn the strategies to get your customers to convert on forms and trust your business with their personal data.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to create an intuitive customer-focused experience.
  • Setting clear expectations to reduce abandonment.
  • Employing trust signals to instill confidence.
  • Streamlining data entry using Loqate's Address Verification solutions