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The Complete Guide to Front-End Verification

Learn how top brands are redesigning their site experiences to embrace better data quality.

From a user's perspective, address verification improves the online experience by reducing the keystrokes required to fill out a form by 78%. For businesses, it reduces manual data errors by an average of 20% improving internal data quality. There's no question about it address verification is a win/win.

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Picking the Provider for Your Needs

Businesses rely on address verification to identify inaccuracies, verify missing data, and improve digital user experiences. Based on your business requirements, you could opt for type-ahead, post-entry or partial address verification. But which should you choose?

This guide will help you assess the correct solution for your needs based on your location, your customers, and the web experience you're looking to offer.

What You'll Learn:

  • The correct verification method for your business needs.
  • How to optimize a data capture experience for mobile users.
  • Top mistakes to avoid when collecting customer data.
  • How top retailers like Nordstrom and ASOS are leveraging customer-centric experiences to improve data quality.

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