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Understanding International Data

Expert Advice for Businesses Looking to Successfully Manage International Data

With more than 130 different global address formats, thousands of languages and countless regional dialects, it’s easy to see why poor international data management is the guilty secret that continues to hurt big business.

"Understanding cultural diversity is the first step to collecting high-quality international data."

Take control of your international data

Authored by international data quality expert Graham Rhind, this whitepaper plots the philosophy to collect, interpret and manage international customer data.


Are you a global business?

Knowing the complexity of international data collection and management is an important consideration before expanding into new territories. Companies focused on international data collection, cleansing, and management will always be better placed to achieve higher quality data than those who use a one-size fit all approach. For businesses with existing global operations, on-going management, standardization, and cleansing are critical to success.

Read this study to learn:

  • Data formats for countries around the world plus cultural nuances that affect data management.
  • How to create a data collection system that mirrors the formatting of the regions you're operating in.
  • The impact of recent legislation in the US and EU like GDPR regarding the collection and use of international customer data.
  • Common data quality issues related to cultural, geographic and linguistic differences.

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