Personalization & segmentation saved the season

Quarantine and lockdowns made it even more critical for people to stay connected through their phones and mobile devices last year. As such, retailers realized that one of the best ways to snag an engaged shopper is through personalized mobile communications like app push notifications and SMS text messages.

No longer considered an intrusive marketing method thanks to opt-in requirements, these notifications can be sent with minimal interruption to the user and maximum value; if done correctly. In fact, 70% of consumers think SMS marketing is an excellent way for businesses to get their attention.

Did you get a text from your favorite retailer last season? Maybe you got an in-app reminder that you left something in your cart? With the help of geo-demographic segmentation data, retailers can group shoppers by various demographic variables (income, age, lifestyle, etc.), allowing them to recognize loyal customers and determine which groups to best focus their time, resources, and marketing budget.

Are you looking to adopt this technique in 2021? You may want to evaluate your customer databases and stored contact data. By verifying that the phone number and email address you have for a customer is accurate and active, a phone number verification tool can help ensure that brands reach the right customers with the right message every time.