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Fixing Failed Deliveries:

Actionable insights from a global study of retailers and online consumers.

65% of global retailers said that failed or late deliveries are a significant cost to their business. So why does this happen? And what can retailers do to prevent it? This report highlights the global findings alongside solutions for better data quality.

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This whitepaper investigates the far-reaching impact of failed deliveries for both retailers and consumers with solutions to improve the biggest cause - poor user data.

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  • How much failed deliveries are costing the international retail industry
  • How customer experience, logistics and sales are all impacted by poor data quality¬†
  • What consumers expect from their favourite brands when shopping on their website
  • How data validation can help with reducing shipping errors and improve customer experience

The importance of improving data quality in retail and eCommerce

With data from 300 international retailers and over 2,000 global customers, the Fixing Failed Deliveries study from Loqate determines why failed parcel delivery occurs. Read the report to understand the consequences failed deliveries have for eCommerce retailers, and why data quality is vital to increasing successful delivery rates and improving customer satisfaction.