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Are you up to speed with the latest technology trends eCommerce platform providers should be integrating into their systems? As businesses across the globe begin to accelerate the digitization of their business strategies, they must simultaneously find and adopt technologies that will deliver the most value to their customers.

From the voice-based virtual assistants, AI’s Alexa and Siri, to technologies like APIs and developer portals, the rate of technology advancements can seem overwhelming.

In today’s eCommerce world, we’re seeing “super” platforms come into play, merging with automation tech and data from multiple channels. For all this tech to reach the full range of their capabilities these tools need the support of high-quality data.

In this article, I’ll discuss the key technology integration features we believe eCommerce professionals should be making available to end users to enhance their experiences.

Removing human error

As tech takes over more and more manual processes, the likelihood of human error can be lessened. Through automation, data can be collated automatically across different channels, taking away the need for manual involvement.

Consider type-ahead technology, which can be integrated with address verification software and utilized at checkout stages to make it easier for end users to complete. Type-ahead predictive technology suggests complete and deliverable addresses to a customer from the moment they start typing their address.

At Loqate, our type-ahead verification uses 5 types of fuzzy logic (spelling mistakes, switched letters, missing words and letters, abbreviations, and missing or extra spaces) to diminish cases of human error, helping the end user find and enter accurate local and international addresses, even when there are typos in the input data. This solution offers a customer the quickest route to accurate address selection, and supports conversions on the customer’s channel of choice.

Optimize operational efficiency

Automated tech can help you better manage your team’s time and resources. When properly utilized and supported by high quality customer data, organizations can make data-driven decisions that enable better forecasting of products, decrease supply chain waste, and improve inventory planning based on customer demand.

Today’s consumers expect seamless and timely customer experiences without compromising on the quality of service. Therefore, companies need to leverage technologies like address verification and analytics to obtain accurate, real-time insights and promote a 360-degreee view of the customer.

These tools will decrease the need for unreliable manual processes and will ultimately save costs on internal resources while also freeing up your team’s time to focus on other areas of your business, like product development.

Uniting on one platform

When enabling new technology in your business, more is not always better. Instead, the main focus should be on quality rather than quantity. Adopting emerging technology that can easily integrate with your legacy systems is critical to making the user experience the right one.

eCommerce platform providers can benefit from technology advancements by streamlining all their processes into one, complete system. However, for corporations that operate globally and store data across various data warehouses, consolidating data onto a single platform can be a massive undertaking. Ensuring a high level of accuracy before data is migrated will supply all of your systems with the fuel needed to deliver a single source of truth.

At Loqate, we are location data experts so our partners don’t have to be. Our global address capture and verification solutions are integrated into the world’s leading software companies, enhancing their applications and products with verified address and geocode data. You can find out more about this here.

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