Loqate, a GBG solution
  • Doesn’t Loqate already have China data?

    Yes, but only within Verify, our data cleanse product, and only to a limited level of detail. Including China data from NavInfo will significantly enhance our address verification capability in this market.

    Loqate already supports address validation for China in a number of ways:

    • Parsing – identifying address elements from unstructured fields
    • Transliteration – reading in Latin versions of Chinese addresses and outputting the data in Chinese alphabet/characters, and vice versa
    • Validation – matching the input data to accurate reference data from aggregated sources up to thoroughfare level
    • Formatting - presenting back standardized and validated information by component and address line
    • Reporting - a detailed result code to report changes to identified and validated fields

    The table below outlines the current state with what the NavInfo data gives us:

      Existing Data Coverage NAVINFO Data Coverage
    Apartment number Not Covered Not Covered
    Premise Name or Number Not Covered Covered
    Street / Throughfare (Intersection) Not Covered Covered
    Hamlet / Township (if present) Not Covered Covered
    District Covered Covered
    City Covered Covered
    Province Covered Covered
    Postcode Covered Covered


    The NavInfo data will be compiled for use in Verify and Capture (from V4 onwards) - this is because V4 is able to read in and output non roman/Latin characters so will support Simplified Chinese

  • Who is NavInfo, and why have we partnered with them?

    NavInfo is a Chinese publicly traded corporation specializing in the creation of data and technology for the mobility sector. They are one of three major originators of data for satellite navigation and routing for mainland China, Macau, and Hong Kong. They are similar to other Loqate partners but specialize just in the Chinese markets.
    You can read more here,

  • How will the flow of data work bearing in mind the restrictions in China?

    Mapping data in China is highly regulated and controlled under Chinese law. Only a few certified companies (including NavInfo) are legally permitted to create map data (including premise level address data files) and serve that data to third parties. The primary restriction we face is that the NavInfo data cannot leave mainland China in either its raw or compiled format. This means:

    We can

    • We can provide a locally installed Verify product to businesses physically located in mainland China.
    • We can also provide data through partners who are delivering products containing Loqate solutions to businesses in China.
    • Loqate customers based outside of China will be able to query the NavInfo data using Capture, or pass complete or incomplete address strings using Verify. This query will be routed by Loqate to the China-based servers, and the result can be sent back to the point of query, even if that is outside of China. For clarity, we cannot take reference data out of China, but we can export a result as described above.

    We cannot

    Geocodes are not available today. In the future, we plan on working with NavInfo to receive certification from Chinese government to serve geocodes

  • Will we be offering transliteration of this data?

    The reference data is held in Pinyin (Latin version) and Simplified Chinese. Therefore, the search can begin with either variant and be exported in either variant. The transliteration capabilities in Verify remain.

  • Will clients be able to test this data prior to switching it on within our products?

    Yes, we are developing a mechanism for clients to test China data in line with existing countries.

  • Are we planning to add this data into other GBG products?

    Any GBG product or service that utilizes Loqate products, services, or data will, assuming that all the necessary restrictions are adhered to, be able to make use of the higher grade NavInfo data.

  • Which products will it be available for?

    Verify and Capture (V4 onwards). We will be deploying this data set into Verify in Q1 2020. We will then be delivering the China data set into Capture in Q2-Q3 2020.

  • How many addresses does this dataset include?

    We estimate up to 27m building-level address records.

  • What are some examples of validated addresses?

    Example 1: Premise level address validation

    Example 1: Premise level

    Example 2: Premise level address validation

    Example 2: premise level

    Example 3: Premise level address validation

    Example 3: Premise level