• Doesn’t Loqate already have China data?

    Yes, but only within Verify, our data cleanse product, and only to a limited level of detail. Including China data from NavInfo will significantly enhance our address verification capability in this market.

    Loqate already supports address validation for China in a number of ways:

    • Parsing – identifying address elements from unstructured fields
    • Transliteration – reading in Latin versions of Chinese addresses and outputting the data in Chinese alphabet/characters, and vice versa
    • Validation – matching the input data to accurate reference data from aggregated sources up to thoroughfare level
    • Formatting - presenting back standardized and validated information by component and address line
    • Reporting - a detailed result code to report changes to identified and validated fields

    The table below outlines the current state with what the NavInfo data gives us:

      Existing Data Coverage NAVINFO Data Coverage
    Apartment number Not Covered Not Covered
    Premise Name or Number Not Covered Covered
    Street / Throughfare (Intersection) Not Covered Covered
    Hamlet / Township (if present) Not Covered Covered
    District Covered Covered
    City Covered Covered
    Province Covered Covered
    Postcode Covered Covered


    The NavInfo data will be compiled for use in Verify and Capture (from V4 onwards) - this is because V4 is able to read in and output non roman/Latin characters so will support Simplified Chinese